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6 Things About MacBook Keyboards You Should Know

If you are a regular Windows user, you should know your way around the system and its keyboard shortcuts. Now, after switching to a MacBook, you have realized that the Windows keyboard muscle memory no longer works.


That’s because the working mechanism is not the same. You’re not familiar with the entire operation either. No doubt, the keyboard shortcuts are just one simple example; you will find more differences as you continue using the device.


However, we will be talking about the things about MacBook keyboards you should know in this article. Stay tuned until the end to gather some important information.

Use the Command Key as Windows Ctrl Key

Windows users are overwhelmed with the use of the Ctrl (Control) key. Whether you need to copy, paste, bold, or save data, the Ctrl key is much needed to do the task. On your MacBook, things are slightly different, as there’s no Ctrl key on the keyboard.

Instead of Ctrl, you will be using the Command key combined with other keys to perform a task. For example, hold down the Command + S key to save the contents of the file or press Command + Shift + 3 keys to capture a screenshot. 

Explore the Power of the New Option Key

After switching to Mac, you might be missing the Alt key that’s there on Windows laptops for a reason – to make life easier. Users often wonder what is alt on a MacBook is called. On your new MacBook, the Alt key is replaced with the Option key, which you are going to use a lot.

The option key comes with advanced functions. It allows you to move around the document when you use it with arrow keys. For example, the Option + Left arrow key will help you to move your cursor to the left by one word.

Scroll Through the Web Page

When you’re reading a page or proofreading a lengthy document, keyboard shortcuts make your task efficient. You can quickly scroll through the data. Your MacBook is all about efficiency and convenience; it has everything you need for better work productivity.

To scroll the webpage up, press Fn along with the Up Arrow keys. Scroll down with the Fn + Down Arrow keys. Pressing the Fn key with the Left Arrow key will take you to the Home page, while pressing down the Fn and Right Arrow keys will take you to the End of the page.

Manage Your Open Apps

If you are working on multiple apps and have more than one desktop on your computer, you might need to check them in and out. To see all your full-screen apps and open windows altogether on the MacBook screen, press the Command + Up Arrow keys.


To switch between desktops without using the mouse, use the Command + Left Arrow keys or Command + Right Arrow keys as per your needs. To view different instances of an open application, press the Control + Down Arrow keys together.

Force Quit Apps on MacBook

While new MacBooks available on the market integrate silicon chips that make them more efficient than ever, similar to other digital devices, Apple Silicon Macs are also prone to errors, and this sometimes causes the need to force quit apps to resume functionality.


To end any task forcibly, you need to bring up the Force Quit window. The Force Quit application on Mac is similar to the Task Manager on Windows. It allows you to forcefully quit frozen and malfunctioning apps.

Capture Your Mac Screen

With the remote work culture booming with every passing year, users are required to learn ways to be more efficient on computers. If you, too, are among the users who work from home, you should learn everything you can to boost your work productivity.

While working in a remote setting, you need to share screenshots often with coworkers working on the same project. If you wish to capture your entire screen, press Shift + Command + 3; otherwise, press Shift + Command + 4 keys to screenshot the selected area.

Keep Your Keyboard in Excellent Working Condition

Now that you know the shortcut keys to use your keyboard efficiently, it’s time to learn the ways to keep your keyboard healthy. When you are working on your laptop, the keyboard is the component that you use the most; it’s important to maintain its functionality.

But how would you ensure that the keyboard is in good health? Here are the five tips to keep your MacBook keyboard highly functional.

  • Clean your keyboard regularly using a can of compressed air. Blow the air keeping the can half an inch away from the device. 
  • Use a clean, soft, dry, and lint-free cloth to clean the keys from the outside. Be careful and prevent any dirt or food particles from slipping inside the keys.
  • Avoid using bleach, detergent, aerosols, or other abrasive material, as it can damage the metal or plastic coating on the keys. 
  • Do not wipe the laptop keys too aggressively, as it can damage them beyond repair. If even a single key stops working, you would require replacing the entire keypad. 
  • Avoid eating food or having drinks while working on the laptop. Tiny food crumbs can get inside the keys, or any spillage can turn the keys non-functional.

Final words:

The usage and popularity of MacBook keyboards are increasing exponentially. Users prefer to make their hands dirty with keyboards designed by MacBook nowadays. Hence, they are searching the ins and outs of the keyboards more often online, as they work in totally different ways. Are you one of them?

However, throughout the article, we explained the things about the MacBook keyboards you should know. All the information provided is genuine and gathered based on rigorous research. We hope this article will come in handy in your practical life.

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