Are Sony LinkBuds Good? Let’s Find Out

Are Sony LinkBuds Good? Let’s Find Out the Sony LinkBuds are considered to be the epitome of wireless audio technology due to their blend of quality sound, innovative functions, and unique design. Their noise-canceling characteristics and broad compatibility make them the best on the market. Besides, these cutting-edge earbuds are designed to comfortably and securely fit the ears.

If you really want a truly immersive audio experience in all situations, you can choose them without further consideration. But of course, never make a blunder by not evaluating all the features before making a purchase. Are Sony LinkBuds good? Let’s find out what makes them impeccable and in demand.

Are Sony LinkBuds good and what makes them worth purchasing?

Sony LinkBuds Good are in box pack condition

Sony LinkBuds has brought about a new revolution in the earbuds arena with a wide variety of innovative features and ultra-modern design. With optimized ambient sound, excellent voice calling performance, and a cool touch control system, they have been one of the first choices among earbud lovers. However, let’s look at some of their exclusive features:

Open-Ring Design

 Sony LinkBuds Good ring design

One thing that makes Sony LinkBuds formidable and irresistible is the stemless, open-ring design. You can listen to music, hear phone calls, watch videos, and play games all day long, feeling nothing in your ear as they hardly fall out.

The innovative design will let you listen to the ambient sound around you more transparently all along. Their unique design structure makes them sleek, compact, small, and lightweight. As they don’t cover the ears completely, you can tune into the outer world whenever you want.

Ear-Fitting Supporters


With a view to providing you with a secure fit and comfortable listening experience, they are attached to ear-fitting supporters. With the supporters, you can easily place them firmly into your ear canals so that they never slip out. Even you can customize the fit, as the supporters are available in different sizes.

In addition, they come with soft, rubberized, and safe silicone ear tips to make them perfectly fit for your ear canals. Their sound isolation design and anti-slip performance will make your listening session much more memorable.

Customizable Touch Controls

The inclusion of customizable touch controls puts them at the peak of popularity and usability. With their intuitive touch-control settings, you can seamlessly control volume and answer phone calls. It’s also possible to pause, play, skip tracks, and activate your voice assistant with them.

Meanwhile, they will allow you to switch the noise-canceling function whenever you need to. You can also trigger the ambient sound mode and the quick attention mode by holding your finger for a while on the touch sensor.

Autoplay Function

If you ask what makes the Sony LinkBuds special, the answer will be nothing but the AutoPlay function. Truly speaking, you can listen to music automatically after putting on or ending the phone calls as they trigger to play. You will have music and audio notifications when you need them.

In addition, based on your behavior, mood-changing walk, and post-meeting focus track, they will automatically play music that matches you. Over time, it will also launch a custom playlist depending on your activity and preferences.

Stronger Bass And 360-Reality Audio

You can fine-tune the sound to your liking thanks to their stronger and smoother bass sound. They can also reproduce dynamic deep brass at a high volume without even any distortion to the sound quality. By changing the equalizer settings, you can easily increase the bass sound.

Meanwhile, they constantly support 360-reality audio, which means you can enjoy immersive music from all around. By providing you with a high-resolution music format, they will make the sound more realistic and melodious.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is the prime feature of a set of earbuds. The performance, efficiency, and specialties of earbuds heavily depend on them. And when it comes to noise-canceling capabilities, Sony LinkBuds always stays in the front. They can effortlessly block background noise to ensure great noise isolation.

Their ANC system is so tremendous that it can handle attenuation of up to 35 dB around 200 Hz. With the adaptive sound control system, you can adjust ambient sound settings based on where you are and what you’re doing to have an ideal listening experience.

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Extended Battery Life And Smooth Connectivity

Battery life is something that has been highly praised. Honestly speaking, with a single charge, they can provide you with up to six hours of continuous service. They can also ensure longer hours of battery life while the noise-canceling function is activated. Most surprisingly, they take little time to get charged.

Easy and smooth connectivity is another extraordinary feature of the earbuds. You can pair them with a wide variety of devices within a few seconds. All you need to do is open the lid and press and hold the pairing button on the back of the charging case.

Water And Sweatproof

The Sony LinkBuds promise to give you a risk-free listening experience in all situations thanks to their water- and sweat-resistant characteristics. As they can withstand splashes of water and spills of sweat, their internal components will hardly fail or be damaged.

Besides, they won’t even get terribly affected if they are accidentally thrown into the water. That means you can use them in rainy and humid environments without any concerns. You will have optimal protection against wear and tear as well.

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Final words

Are Sony LinkBuds good? Of course, they are worth purchasing because of their inspiring features, innovative design, and extraordinary performance. If you’re an earbuds lover and looking for something reliable, they can certainly be your best pick. They will offer you an immersive listening experience without any interruptions or setbacks all along.

But it’s your duty to maintain them properly. You have to clean them up regularly and keep them away from dust, debris, and water. Moreover, you need to keep them charged to ensure a longer lifespan and stable efficiency.

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