Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping?

If you love to listen to heart-soothing music while sleeping, you may regularly tend to wear your adorable AirPods Pro. Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping? You are definitely in search of the most reasonable answer to the question, as it matters a lot in your life, right? To be fair, wearing earbuds during the sleeping period has both advantages and disadvantages.

But the ratio of demerits is always high, as a simple accident can put you in jeopardy, which you may compensate for in your lifetime. So it’s always recommended to avoid sleeping with AirPods. However, we’re going to highlight the key risks and rewards of it. Try to stay with us till the conclusion.

Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping?

Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping?

It’s undeniable that Apple’s AirPods Pro offer high-quality audio to ensure optimal comfort, resilience, and relaxation. Especially at night, they seem to be the must-have gadgets for most users for a calming sleep. If you’re one of them, you should abstain from wearing AirPods Pro while sleeping.

Honestly speaking, sleeping with AirPods can bring manifold problems into your life under the guise of temporary pleasure. The habit can cause ear and hearing damage, from which you can hardly get relief. If you put them in your ear for a long period of time, you may experience sleep deprivation and potential physical discomfort in the long run.

In addition, constant use of the earbuds during the sleeping period can increase the chance of radiation exposure and impact your overall health. Most importantly, the battery may start malfunctioning and causing overheating at any time, which can have devastating consequences for your life.

You may also suffer from skin issues if you get used to sleeping with AirPods. There are many more reasons why you should avoid wearing them while sleeping. So you should stop sleeping with your earbuds in, no matter how soothing it appears to you.

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The Major Drawbacks and Risks Of Wearing AirPods While Sleeping

The drawbacks and risks of sleeping with AirPods are numerous. This habit not only impairs one’s hearing ability but also causes rapid damage to the earbuds. Even though it’s impossible to ensure the safety of sleeping with AirPods. Let’s look over some of the salient dangers:

Ear Infection

One of the most common and serious risks of sleeping with AirPods Pro is an ear infection. Due to the accumulation of earwax after prolonged use, your ear canal may become inflamed. This bacterial infection can cause unbearable pain in your ear and lead to many more diseases related to the ear.

Although antibiotics can provide you with temporary alleviation, you will have to suffer for a long time. Besides, due to the constant use, there will be dirt, debris, dead skin, and other tiny particles in your ear that can lead to serious disorders.

Hearing Loss

If you keep the AirPods in your ear as long as you sleep, sooner or later you will face hearing loss syndrome. At some point, you will be unable to hear external sounds more often. Your hearing range will be abated to a great extent; and you may come across mild hearing loss, which can make you unable to hear soft sounds from 26 to 40 decibels.

Due to listening to music at high volume for long hours, the noise-canceling feature of the AirPods may make you completely handicapped. It may make you unable to hear and respond to any invocation instantly. Even though it will be tough for you to deal with emergency situations.

Sleep Disruption

What can be more painful than sleep disruption? Yes, you will have to go through long-term sleep-wake disorders if you continue hearing music with AirPods for long hours at night. Embracing insomnia will seem like a must for you even after a few months of continuous use. And it will later increase both physical and emotional problems in your life.

At times, you may be shocked out of sleep due to the abrupt disconnection or pause of music, which can turn into a serious disease over time. As the earbuds are likely to put pressure on the ear canal, there is a risk of having earache, which can be a permanent cause of sleep deprivation.

Necrosis and Otitis Externa

Apart from harming your hearing ability, the use of AirPods while sleeping can make your skin cells die off, which is called necrosis. Putting extreme pressure on the earbuds for an extended period can cause ear skin cells to die too quickly and easily. It can also prevent the new cells from generating soon.

Otitis externa is another disease that you may come across due to the excessive use of AirPods while sleeping. You will suffer from embarrassing puffiness in the ear along with severe pain once you’re seized by it. It can also lead to long-term complications across your ears if you don’t avoid wearing AirPods instantly.

Damage To The AirPods

There might be serious damage to the AirPods if you unconsciously fall asleep with them. That is because they may fall out of your ears while sleeping and roll over onto your back at times. It can increase the risk of swallowing and ultimately make them break.

Due to careless use during the sleeping period, the battery may start malfunctioning and overheating. That means you have to spend a substantial amount of money on purchasing or replacing the earbuds if they get damaged.

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Final Words

Can I wear AirPods Pro while sleeping? Although AirPods Pro are considered safe to use, it’s always better to refrain from wearing them during sleeping time. That’s because you will have to encounter a wide range of difficulties and risks if you continue sleeping with AirPods every night. Despite all the dangers, there are some benefits too.

It’s no wonder that you will have a calming sleep with an incredible level of resilience and relaxation with your earbuds. Besides, they will boost your happy brain chemicals and ensure proper noise cancellation to improve your sleep quality. But these advantages are temporary, and the disadvantages are permanent.

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