Can You Buy AirPods Without the Case?

AirPods are heavily reliant on the case to continue performing. They are designed to get charged inside the case. The case is also used to connect them to the devices. Even it protects them from external damage, providing a reliable shield around them. So can you buy AirPods without the case? Actually, it’s not a good decision to buy AirPods without the same model of charging case.

But you can purchase the case separately if you find any extra benefit from it. You can also intend on not securing the case if it’s already available. But you can’t leverage earbuds without the help of a standard-quality case. However, throughout the article, we will be discussing the necessity of the case and methods of connecting AirPods without a case. Stay in touch!

Can You Buy AirPods Without The Case?

Can You Buy AirPods Without The Case?

Apple’s AirPods are sold with the case. But you can replace either the case or the AirPods whenever you need them. That means you can buy AirPods separately without the case. But it’s impossible to turn on the earbuds without the charging case, as almost all their functionality is completely centered it.

It’s apparent that you must have a backup case that is compatible with your newly purchased AirPods. If you don’t have any, it will be imperative for you to purchase a case separately as well. Why can’t you use AirPods without the case? That’s because you can’t power up your AirPods on the go as the charging system and port are attached to the case.

Apart from running out of charge, your AirPods won’t automatically get connected to iOS and non-iOS devices unless you trigger the setup button from the case. As the flashing light on the case tells the status of the AirPods, it will be impossible to stay updated. Most importantly, your earbuds will be affected by external damage unless you put them inside the case.

What To Consider When Buying AirPods Without A Case?

If you are in need of purchasing AirPods without a charging case, you have to consider several important factors. Once you take all those fundamental considerations into account, it will be easier to make an informed, satisfactory decision. Let’s explore some of them:


The first thing you need to consider is the authenticity of the products. You have to verify the brand, model, version, and manufacturing status of the AirPods to avoid a loss. Always seek genuine products from reputable, authorized retailers or Apple’s official shop.

Never forget to inspect the condition of the AirPods and inquire about the usage history. It’s ideal to check out the signs of wear and tear on the exterior. Try to grasp any potential culprit available to them that can dwindle the performance.


As you’re purchasing the AirPods separately, you surely need to use them with a different charging case. But what if they aren’t compatible with the case you own? You have to meticulously check that your chosen ones match the case of your previous AirPods; otherwise, there is no way to purchase them without a case.

In addition, you need to make sure they work fine with your iPhone. Get them paired with your device to inspect; they offer a seamless user experience and the best sound quality. Most importantly, never forget to check if they are the right fit for your ears.

Warranty And Price

You may come across potential defects and malfunctions over time with the AirPods. So your AirPods should have a clear warranty and return policy. Try to check the entire warranty terms and duration before making a purchase.

Price is another crucial factor that you need to keep in mind. Depending on the region, retailer, and conditions, the price may vary from time to time. So always try to research the actual price range before finalizing. Always try to make sure you’re purchasing them at a reasonable price; there is no way to squander money.

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How To Connect AirPods To Your iPhone Without The Case?

AirPods can be connected to a wide variety of devices. But initially, they require the support of a charging case. If they are successfully paired with your iPhone once, you can reconnect them even without the case. How? It can be accomplished with Apple’s AirPlay feature.

AirPlay is developed to stream music, photos, and videos from the iPhone to other compatible devices. But you can use it to connect your AirPods to your iPhone as well, thanks to its advanced wireless communication protocol suite. Once the feature is enabled on your device, you can adhere to the following steps:

  • Access the Control Center from the top of the screen and turn it on by tapping the Bluetooth icon.
  • In the upper right corner of the menu, you will discover the Audio Card. Click on it, and then tap on the tiny AirPlay icon to the right of the screen.
  • You will discover a list of previously paired devices there. Just select your AirPods from the list and get them smoothly connected.

Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case?

AirPods are exclusively designed to be charged with the case. Therefore, there is no way to charge them without an official case. Although there is a rumor that AirPods can be powered up with a USB port and a pin charger, honestly speaking, they won’t work at all. Instead, they will wreak havoc on your AirPods.

You may find people suggesting you use a third-party app, but indeed, an app can never be a power source. It may help you to check your battery health and status only. So the only acceptable method is charging AirPods using the charging case.

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Final Words

Can you buy AirPods without the case? There is nothing wrong with purchasing AirPods separately. But you must have a charging case available. That’s because it’s mandatory to turn them on, pair them with your device, and power them up. In a word, the case is an integral part of the AirPods to work on.

However, we talked about the topic in detail above to help you out. We also covered what to consider while you’re out there purchasing AirPods without a case. Moreover, we guided you on how to connect your earbuds once you don’t have a case nearby. We hope this information will come in handy in your practical life.

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