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How to change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop 2023?

If you love to watch movies and videos on big screens rather than on laptops and mobile devices, you need a good connection with zero interruptions between your laptop and other screens (LCDs and LEDs). But you cannot connect directly to the other monitor, as some additional devices are also required.

In this case, HDMI is a must for you. However, in this blog post, we will discuss how to change HDMI output to input on a laptop. You can apply any of the following methods to get the expected outcomes:

What is HDMI, and what is an HDMI port?

The connection medium to connect a laptop to other monitors and big screens is done through HDMI, which supports the laptop’s connectivity to other monitors through the HDMI port. HDMI port is present on laptops which helps this process to get fulfilled. If a laptop does not have this port, you will not be able to connect.

What is HDMI, and what is an HDMI port

Steps to change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop

Below are some authentic ways that will help you to change HDMI output to the input on a laptop in an easy way. So keep reading and get your solution.

  1. By using switch
  2. By using HDMI output to input the adapter
  3. By using any software

By using switch or splitters

With the help of switches, you can easily connect with an HDMI port. Some switches are already built-in, and they feature input-output ports. These switches are readily available on eBay and Amazon stores or you can get them from any trusted website. 

By using switchsplitters

To connect with some external device, connect that device to the switch’s input port and your laptop’s output port. Make sure you have chosen the right ports. Thus, a reliable connection between these two devices will be established, and you can easily get a display on a big screen, whether LCD, a gaming PS4, or any other device.

By using HDMI output to input the adapter

The other way to connect the laptop to some outside source is by using an input adapter. This is also considered an efficient method for making connectivity. So what will this technique do? HDMI output to input adapter will help you view the list of all external devices on your laptop with the defined display. You must connect your laptop to an input HDMI port to change its output.

What is HDMI, and what is an HDMI port

Thus, after this, you are free to attach your laptop to any of the devices you want to connect. It will allow visibility of your laptop screen on other devices in just minutes without any difficulty, plus it will give you an audio compatibility feature. Let’s look at another way to change the HDMI output to the input on a laptop.

By using any software

Sometimes it’s difficult to buy any external source like adapter switches, or even they are unavailable for us, so is it possible to make a connection without an external source? Obviously, yes, you can change HDMI output without using an external source let’s read how to do this.

By using any software

You can use any software to complete this task in time. No converters are needed even neither HDMI port is required to do this. Download some suitable third-party software that allows you to share your screen, like “SpaceDesk,” “Miracast,” etc. This will help to view the content of your laptop on any other screen there is just a need for an internet connection to perform this step.


To conclude this post, we will advise you to ensure that the software is safe and secure before downloading and trying to get it from an authentic website. Otherwise HDMI port is a handy option for users to share screens between devices easily. Sometimes lags occur while screening it can be your connectivity problem or any other device fault, so double-check all the processes to change HDMI output to the input on the Laptop with lag-free screening.

FAQs about how to change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop

Following are some frequently asked queries by people let’s look at them, and if you have any questions related to this topic, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Can I change my laptop’s HDMI to input?

Yes, you can change your laptop’s HDMI to input using an Input Adapter. Just establish a connection between your laptop and device by connecting the laptop to the input HDMI port while the other device to the HDMI port.

How do I get my Laptop to recognize my HDMI input?

If your laptop does not recognize HDMI input, check for any hardware issues, re-check connectivity, and set the HDMI device as the default device.

Why is the HDMI port not working?

There may be some technical issue with the port related to the laptop. Another reason can be that the cable you are trying to connect is defective or incorrectly placed in the HDMI port.

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