How China Sneaks Out America’s Technology Secrets?

China has been accused of stealing American technology secrets for years. But the issue has recently come to the fore with the ongoing trade war between the two countries. The Chinese government is accused of using a variety of methods to acquire sensitive technology. This includes hacking, industrial espionage, and forced technology transfer.

However, this article will explore how China sneaks out America’s technology secrets by considering the different methods used by China to acquire American technology regimes. We will also discuss the impact that these actions have on the United States.

Discover how China Sneaks Out America’s Technology Secrets

The criminal complaint against the US citizen was filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ). It stated that the US citizen had concealed confidential files stolen from his employer inside the binary code of a photo of a sunset, which he then mailed to himself.

Discover how China Sneaks Out America's Technology Secrets

In this case, steganography was used, which allows data files to be hidden within the code of other data files. GE’s sensitive files were taken on multiple occasions by Mr. Zheng using it. As one of the world’s largest multinational conglomerates. GE manufactures everything from refrigerators to airplane engines in the healthcare, energy, and aerospace sectors.

In addition to turbine blades and seals, the information Zheng stole related to gas and steam turbine design and manufacture. In China, his accomplice received millions worth of money. Companies and universities with Chinese roots will eventually benefit from it, as well as the Chinese government.

Zheng was sentenced to two years in prison earlier this month for violations of his probation. In recent years, US authorities have prosecuted a number of similar cases that were referred to as a series. Xu Yanjun is a Chinese citizen who is known as a career spy.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison in November. For plotting to steal trade secrets from several US aerospace and aviation companies, including General Electric, according to court documents.

Sensitive Aspects

In the context of globalization, China seeks technological knowledge to fuel its economy and challenge the geopolitical order. While the United States attempts to discourage the rise of a serious competitor.

According to Nick Marro of the Economist Intelligence Unit, stealing trade secrets is attractive. Because it allows countries to leapfrog up global value chains rapidly without having to rely entirely on domestic capabilities, as well as incur additional costs.

According to FBI director Christopher Wray, China plans to ‘ransack’ intellectual property from Western companies in order to accelerate economic development.

As a result, the company warned that it was spying on all sorts of companies, “from major cities to small towns, from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, folks that work in the aviation, AI, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries”. According to Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry at the time, Mr. Wray was “smearing China” and having a “Cold War mentality.”

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One of the most common methods used by China to acquire American technology is hacking. Chinese hackers are familiar with targeting American companies and government agencies in order to steal sensitive information. In 2014, the U.S. government charged five Chinese military officers with hacking into American companies in order to steal trade secrets. 


In 2018, the Department of Justice indicted two Chinese hackers for stealing sensitive information from U.S. companies in the nuclear and solar industries. These hacks have resulted in the loss of valuable intellectual property and the compromise of sensitive information.

Industrial Espionage

Another method used by China to acquire American technology is industrial espionage. This refers to the practice of stealing trade secrets and other proprietary information from companies. In some cases, this is done through the use of employees or contractors who can access sensitive information.

If we look at other cases, it is done through the use of front companies or other forms of deception. In 2018, the FBI arrested a Chinese national who was working at GE Aviation on suspicion of stealing trade secrets.

Industrial Espionage

Forced Technology Transfer

In addition to hacking and industrial espionage, China is accused of using forced technology transfer to acquire American technology. This refers to the practice of requiring American companies to turn over technology in order to do business in China.

This can take the form of joint venture requirements, licensing requirements, or other forms of government pressure. In some cases, this results in American companies being forced to give up valuable technology in order to access the Chinese market.

Impact on the United States

The theft of American technology by China has had a significant impact on the United States. It has resulted in the loss of valuable intellectual property and the compromise of sensitive information. This has led to decreased competitiveness for American companies as well as increased costs due to the need to invest in new research and development.

Additionally, the loss of technology has a negative impact on national security. As it gives China access to advanced technology that can be used for military purposes.

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This is a serious issue that has been affecting the United States in several ways since China began stealing American technology secrets. According to media reports, the Chinese government has used a variety of methods to acquire sensitive technologies, including hacking, industrial espionage, and forced technology transfers.

As a result of these actions, valuable intellectual property is lost and sensitive information is compromised. There is no doubt that it is in the interests of the United States to take action in order to protect its technology and intellectual property from being stolen by foreign countries.

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