Does Dropping AirPods Pro Damage Them?

AirPods Pro are well-known for their sturdiness and durability. They can withstand extreme external pressure and survive the damage thanks to their thick exterior plastic chassis. They’re also resistant to wear, tear, and rust, which makes them the must-have gadget among users. Despite all the merits, there is always a big question: “Does dropping AirPods Pro damage them”?

To be honest, there is no specific answer, as the height range and type of surface will determine whether the AirPods will get broken or not. Nonetheless, you can deem your AirPods to require some maintenance if they get dropped abruptly. In this guide, we will explore what can happen if you accidentally drop your AirPods. Let’s move on!

Does Dropping AirPods Pro Damage Them?

AirPods are made of breakable materials. Although they can withstand a moderate drop, they are likely to break if you drop them more often. They will get destroyed if you drop them from too high, approximately more than 10 feet. Which types of issues will you have? You will discover problems with noise cancellation and sensors, which will lead to permanent damage to your AirPods.

In addition, there will be loose joints, dents, and tiny scratches if the AirPods fall from a considerable height. But it’s safe to say that they won’t break even if you drop them from up to 15 feet when the surface is soft, like grass or foam. However, no matter how sturdy your AirPods are, you need to be careful to prevent frequent drops.

You need to refrain from throwing them away here and there forcefully.  Besides, you need to take the best care of all the internal parts—the speaker, microphone, antenna, and other invisible materials—to get long-standing service without any maintenance. So does dropping AirPods Pro damage them? It totally depends on the height and the type of surface.

Are AirPods Shockproof And Waterproof?

Are AirPods Shockproof And Waterproof

Many users are used to questioning the shockproof and waterproof characteristics of AirPods. To be honest, Apple has made no claim yet that its products are completely shockproof. Although there is no authenticated record of AirPods being shockproof, their shock absorption mechanism is distinctive and immaculate.

Without falling apart, AirPods can transmit force because of the silicone and vulcanized plastic materials. That means, unless you throw them on a hard surface with extreme force, they will never break. However, you can use a case protector for the AirPods to make them resistant to shock. The case will work as a safeguard for your device all along.

What if you drop the AirPods Pro into the water? There will be nothing serious about the AirPods if you drop them in the water, as they are water-resistant. Your AirPods will keep working as fine as before, as not a single drop of water is allowed to penetrate them. Being sweatproof, you can also use them during your workout season without facing any hindrances.

Although they can resist water, you shouldn’t bring them into contact with water intentionally. It’s good to keep them away from water to avoid any unexpected issues. But if you accidentally drop them in the water, you should make them dry as early as possible with a soft microfiber towel to allow them to start working properly.

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How Strong Is The AirPods Case?

The AirPods case is made of solid but lightweight plastic to last a long time. The robust and sturdy exterior has made them resistant to external damage. Although the AirPods are susceptible to accidental drops, the case can withstand drops from any height on any surface. The case is so durable that it works as a protective shield for the AirPods.

As long as your AirPods are in the case, there is nothing to worry about, as they will protect them from wear, tear, dust, debris, and any external force. There will never be any deterioration to the sound quality when the AirPods are covered with the case. But there is also a chance of the AirPods slipping out of the case at times.

Also, there is a slight risk of damaging the charging components located inside the case. So you have to be careful about those risks. It’s also suggested not to put extreme pressure on the case, lest it should break down. Another aspect you need to keep in mind is keeping the case away from fire and heat, as they can make the case melt with ease.

How Long Do AirPods Pro Last?

The durability of AirPods completely depends on how properly you maintain and store them. Normally, they should last more than two years with a premium level of performance. But the longevity period can be extended if you fix the arising issues efficiently and on time. It’s all about maintenance when it comes to determining the durability and performance of AirPods.

Needless to say, if you detect defects with your AirPods, you can replace them if they have a warranty. But if the warranty period expires, there is scope to replace each damaged part individually. But repairing minor issues should be your first priority to get long-standing service from your AirPods.

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Final Words

Does dropping AirPods Pro damage them? There is no specific answer at all. AirPods Pro only can withstand drops from average heights, which means they will break if you drop them from too high. Besides, the chance of inflicting damage on them is always high if the surface becomes rough and rugged.

However, there is no reason to drop your AirPods intentionally, as they can wreak havoc on their internal functionality. Moreover, you need to keep them away from water and scratching. Always try to keep them clean. If you take the best care of them, you will have longer service without any maintenance.

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