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How to Add MyQ to Google Home?

Homeowners are very well known for their struggle with Garage door opening at the time of need. The solution is MyQ, a garage door opener whose main feature is that unlocking doors can be done with your voice. For that purpose add MyQ to Google home, this addition will help you to open your garage in an easy way by controlling it with voice.

What is MyQ and what does it do?

A revolutionary smart option that enables every homeowner to control and manage their garage without any difficulty. Manage everything in a garage including lights, doors, and similar actions with its help. It’s just easy to operate and within a few clicks, control will be in your hands. Now there is no need to operate the garage by going for it to give instructions. Just access this device remotely from a tablet, smartphone, and PC anything that is convenient for you. 

Also, get real-time updates for your door status when it opens, when someone is going into it, lights turning on and off, and many more. It’s just a secure way to operate and manage your garage doors. Also, make a custom schedule for doors, lights, and other similar connected devices in order to make them turn on and off on their own. Simply there is just no need to tackle yourself to operate functions manually. In this blog post, we will describe how to add MyQ to Google Home also why this is a basic need and which voice commands need to operate it.

Does Google Home work with MyQ?

Does Google Home work with MyQ? Unfortunately, the answer to the query is No. But an alternative solution is to link MyQ to any supported version of Google Assistant that’s how anyone can control the garage with voice commands. No need to tackle it yourself and even check your garage status with the help of MyQ. Anyway else you can connect the MyQ app on Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs. Now you can assure before going to bed that vehicles are safe.

Does MyQ works with Google Home ?

Linking Google Assistant with MyQ is an easy task with just simple steps to follow. That’s how you can get the advantage of access with controls in your hands. For security purposes like whether the garage doors are closed at night or not. We need to check if they are open or not so MyQ integration with Google Assistant makes it easy to monitor and control doors no matter where ever you are. Get yourself a customized and beneficial way to access voice controlled garage. 

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Steps to add MyQ to Google Home 

Follow the given steps and that’s how you can add MyQ to Google Home. This guide is easy to follow and with its help, you can do connections in just minutes without any difficulty.

Pay the MyQ subscription fee

In the first step, you have to pay the MyQ subscription fee. To activate and do any type of linking to Google assistant pay the subscription with is nearly about $2 per month and $10 per year. After that account will get active and further processes can be performed.

 MyQ subscription fee

Create Chamberlain Account

After your subscription, create your chamberlain account and follow all the on-screen instructions while creating an account. Then log in with your account using user name and password.

Chamberlain Account

Connect MyQ with Network

The next step is to connect MyQ to Network. It is necessary to connect your garage opener app like MyQ to Network otherwise it will not operate because they need an internet connection in order to work.

MyQ with Network Connection

Now sign in to Google Home if have an account otherwise create it and then log in. Remember MyQ account details and link them to Google Home. Once it’s done you are ready to use voice commands with the help of Google Assistant and so that control will be yours. 

 MyQ to Google Home

Discover devices on Google Home

The next step is to discover MyQ devices on Google Home. And for that purpose open the Google Home app. There click on the “Add” to detect devices and that’s how discovered devices are added on Google Home then assign names for easy identification after a command like “Garage opener”.

Discover devices

Test the connectivity

Make sure to test the connectivity any fault can occur during connection that’s why it is recommended to check the connectivity that whether they are properly connected or not. To check this give a voice command with the help of Google Assistant via a mobile device or any other device like a PC and laptop to Google Home and see if the command works or not.

Connectivity Testing

Now you have successfully linked MyQ to Google Home. Open and close the Garage doors whenever and from wherever you want, enjoy the convenience of voice commands without moving an inch, and get yourself away from the worries of the garage.

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How to use voice commands with MyQ once it’s connected? 

After connecting the MyQ with Google Home it’s time to set up voice commands for a more convincing and hands-free experience. Remember you can give commands with the help of Google Assistant. Here are some steps given below that you need to consider.

Setting up Voice Commands

  1. Open the MyQ app and sign in with your details like username and password
  2. In the next step go to the menu option
  3. On the menu, you will see three lines in the top left corner of the screen click on that
  4. From there select the “Settings” option
  5. Settings will show you options to scroll down and a voice option will appear to choose the “Enable voice”
  6. Follow the instructions and setup the voice profile if you are using this app for the first time otherwise, you don’t need to set up a profile
  7. That’s it. Now you are all set to use voice commands easily to open and close the MyQ device.
Voice Commands of myq to google home

Using Voice Commands

Once all the voice features are enabled next step is how to use the voice commands for garage opening. It’s as easy as setting up voice. Just follow the given instructions step by step.

Set up the following phrases to open the Garage.

  • “Hello MyQ” 

You can use this in order to wake up the voice commands.

  • “Open Garage Now”

Use this command to open the garage without going for it.

  • “Close Garage Now”

Use this command to close the garage without moving a little for it.

  • “Check Garage Status”

Set this command to know whether your garage door is open or closed. Sometimes we forget to close the doors and with this command, you will get to know easily.


Using MyQ is completely a hands-free operation full of comfort. Now enjoy the convenience of controlling and monitoring garage doors. We hope this guide will be helpful for you if you are in search of how to add MyQ to Google Home.

FAQs about How to Add MyQ to Google home

There are some frequently asked queries about adding MyQ to Google Home let’s discuss each.

What is MyQ?

MyQ is basically a garage control system for homeowners that allows you to use your smartphone, computer, or tablet to take control of your garage door, lights, etc. If there is an addition of Google Home integration, then you can unlock voice commands we have already mentioned how to use voice commands above.

How do I add MyQ to Google Home?

Adding MyQ to your Google Home is a super easy task. First, make sure you have a MyQ account and that your devices are connected to the network. After that open the Google Home app and select “Add Device.” Select “MyQ” as your device type and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the further setup.

What types of MyQ products are compatible with Google Home?

Google Home can work with most Chamberlain-connected devices, including garage door openers, lights, cameras, thermostats, switches, and more. In the case of Garage Door openers, they are completely compatible with Google Home.

Are there any limitations to using MyQ with Google Home?

Yes, there are some limitations to using MyQ with Google Home. Currently, you can only control one MyQ device at a time and cannot create more than one command like complex or variety of commands at a time. Instead of that, scheduling is not supported yet.

Are there any safety precautions I should take with MyQ?

Yes, it is recommended to take safety precautions while using MyQ for the garage. Make sure to secure your garage door opener with a password and never leave it open or unlocked for extended periods of time. Additionally, keep an eye out for potential security threats such as tampering with your device or unauthorized access. Be safe and keep yourself in comfort.

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