How To Change The Battery On The Thermostat?

A thermostat is a temperature regulator in your home, equipped with batteries. The battery may die due to extensive use or internal malfunctions. Once the battery drains out, the thermostat loses its capability to control indoor temperatures. So it becomes inevitable to replace the faulty battery with a new one. How to change the battery on the thermostat?

It doesn’t require much effort or time to change a thermostat battery. You can do so within a few minutes, using only a flat-head screwdriver. But you need to manage the right type of battery according to the user manual of your device. However, in this article, we will guide you through the easy steps of replacing the thermostat battery. Let’s move on!

Why Does The Thermostat Battery Drain Quickly?

check thermostat battery why it is drain in this image

If you own a thermostat, you may frequently experience a draining battery, no matter how costly it is. You may get a warning at least once a month through a battery symbol, a flashing light, or a low-battery text message when the battery goes out of order. In this case, you need to prepare to replace the battery to avoid further setbacks.

You may have a question about why the battery is prone to dying more often, right? Many underlying reasons cause the battery to die soon. Corroded battery contacts are one of the most salient, as they shorten the connections and cause a high resistance to the battery. The incorrect battery type is another culprit, as it fails to be compatible with the thermostat.

But the most standout reason can be the older and fragile internal parts of the thermostat as the battery is more susceptible to damage when the sensors and wires of the thermostat become faulty. That’s because the defective components always demand more energy from the battery, but it fails to provide it, which ultimately leads the battery to drain.

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How To Change The Battery On The Thermostat?

When your thermostat tells you it’s unable to operate in full swing, you need to change it without any procrastination. Otherwise, there might be a higher chance of getting your thermostat damaged. No matter whether your thermostat is programmable or the typical one, you can adhere to the following steps to replace the battery on it:


First of all, you need to push the thermostat up and pull it off the wall mount plate to change the battery conveniently. Once you get it off the wall, gently remove the outer cover from the housing.


Turn over the thermostat cover and see the drained battery inside. Then dislodge the battery from the hosing by using a flat-head screwdriver. Now use your finger to lift the battery up from the housing carefully.


Now it’s time to insert the new battery with the exact size and voltage. Before installing, make sure the ends align with the correct terminal. Face the positive terminal upwards into the slots. Never forget to match the plus and negative signs on the label.


Then simply push the display cover back into the wall mount and reattach the thermostat cover to the wall plate. Slide the cover down until it clicks into place to avoid further hassle. Keep your battery maintained to allow it to continue functioning for a longer period of time.

What Happens If You Don’t Change The Thermostat Battery?

The thermostat battery can’t survive for a long time. They are supposed to be changed a minimum of once a year. A battery replacement is a must to keep the thermostat intact and operational. But if you ignore changing your thermostat battery at regular intervals, you may come across a serious loss, as there is a high chance of getting it permanently damaged.

On your thermostat, you won’t be able to configure the settings as its display will go blank. Most importantly, the HVAC system will start operating erratically and will fail to regulate the temperature. It also won’t respond to the commands as it will lose the programmed settings. In a word, the thermostat will go out of order if you don’t change the battery whenever it drains.

Final Words

A thermostat has been an inevitable home appliance. But homeowners have to suffer a lot as the battery is prone to draining out soon. They can hardly manage the quality of the battery, which can provide enough power and last a long time. Most of them also don’t know how to change the battery on the thermostat properly.

However, if you think it’s time to replace your thermostat battery, you can do so by adhering to the provided steps above. But if the task seems tedious and risky for you, you can seek help from a well-trained technician. Always try to purchase a new battery that is fairly compatible with the model of your thermostat to avoid further hassle.

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FAQs How To Change The Battery On The Thermostat?

Lots of questions are asked online regarding the thermostat and its batteries. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can pay attention to this section, as we’re going to respond to some frequently asked questions.

Will The Thermostat Work If The Battery Is Dead?

To be fair, a low or dying battery ultimately causes the thermostat to stop working permanently. That means the heating or cooling units won’t function properly if the battery is completely dead or drained. So you have to replace the battery soon.

How Long Does A Battery Last In a Thermostat?

It depends on the quality, voltage, and type of the battery. On average, a thermostat battery provides up to one year of uninterrupted service. But most of the thermostat batteries last at least eight months if everything goes well.

Can I Use A Rechargeable Battery In A Thermostat?

If your thermostat is compatible with a rechargeable battery, you can surely use it. But if it doesn’t, you won’t find the right voltage and power. So it’s always advisable to choose a battery, considering the user manual for your thermostat.

Should I Use Alkaline Or Lithium Batteries For A Thermostat?

It seems like a better option to use alkaline batteries in a thermostat. That’s because alkaline batteries cause fewer voltage drops compared to lithium ones. Besides, they last longer and can consistently provide adequate power to the thermostat.

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