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How To Charge Smart Watch Without Charger?

Are you one of the people who forget smartwatch chargers most of the time when you go outside? Or sometimes you are going on a trip and you intentionally leave your charger behind for fear of exceeding the weight limit.

If so, then this blog is what you all need to read. The solution will be on the way very quickly, as we will teach you how to charge your smartwatch without a charger. Without further ado, let’s move on!

Steps To Charge Smart Watch Without Charger

Several solutions exist to power your smartwatch using different methods. Stick to this guide and learn.

Using Wireless Chargers

This is the ideal way to charge your smartwatch without a charger if you have an expensive watch like an Apple watch or a Samsung watch. These pocket-sized chargers make it simple to recharge your smartwatch whenever and wherever you need to. Wireless chargers are easy to use. You just need to set your smartwatch on the charging pad to activate a wireless charger.

The signal light on the majority of wireless chargers will turn on to show that the device is going to charge. You may charge your smartwatch without using an additional charger by using wireless chargers. Remember to place the smartwatch in the right position on the charging pad.

Using Wireless Charger

Using A Power Bank

If you have a smartphone, you must have a power bank. Using a power bank to charge your phone or smartwatch is common. Most people own a power bank, and you may use it to quickly charge your smartwatches. One of the more convenient methods for charging smartphones and smartwatches is using a power bank.

But first, your battery bank has to be sufficiently charged to transmit its voltage to your smartwatch. To turn on the power bank, press the power button. Connect your power bank and smartwatch to the charging wire. Check the watch’s battery capacity. Once it has finished charging, press the power button to switch it off.

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Using A USB Port

If you are wondering how to charge your smartwatch without a charger, you could use a USB cable to charge your smartwatch if you have one on hand. You can easily see the USB connector on your smartwatch by taking off the straps. After that, you could connect the USB cable to a power source by inserting it into the port.

Your laptop or PC might simply serve as the source. However, you should confirm that your gadget is suitable for USB. It’s because various USB cords provide a variety of functions. The most popular and easiest method for charging your smartwatch without a charger is this one.

usb-port charging

Using A Phone Charger

You can use any other phone charger to charge your smartwatch, but here comes a condition. As long as the charger has the same sort of port as your smartwatch, you could use it to charge it. If your smartwatch, for instance, has a micro-USB port, you could use any micro-USB charger to power it up. You will observe an LED display on your smartwatch.

You should not attempt to push the charger onto your smartphone if you don’t see any signs. However, some gadgets from third-party companies might make your smartwatch run more slowly. To avoid damaging your smartwatch, you must always use the original charger.

Using A DC or Outlet

If you are concerned about how to charge your smartwatch without a charge, luckily you are near a DC or charging outlet. DC is an electrical connector for supplying direct current. The smartwatch you own could be charged using it.

Such a charging method is useful for charging your smartwatch without the need for an additional charger. To start charging, just plug in the charger to your smartwatch and click the power button.

Using A DC or Outlet

Charging A Fossil Smart Watch 

If you have a fossil smartwatch and want to know ways to charge it without a charger, there is a simpler way of doing it. Any USB adapter with a micro-USB port can be used to charge your Fossil smartwatch if the charger is not included. Simply use the watch’s micro-USB connector to attach the charger, and then plug it into an electrical outlet.

The watch will start charging on its own. By tapping the button on the side of the smartwatch, you can check the battery status. The battery capacity will show 100% when the watch is completely charged.

fossil watch


Your electronics depend totally on chargers. Your gadgets will not work without them if the power runs out. When you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and it seems impossible to buy a new charger, an alternative charger could be used as an instant helper. After knowing some of the ways how to charge a smartwatch without a charger, these methods are a bit more effective for charging your smartwatch. But, still, the original charger is preferable if you want to charge your smartphone quickly and safely.

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FAQs about How To Charge Smart Watch Without Charger?

Now we’re going to respond to some of the frequently asked questions. You’re encouraged to gather more queries from this section.

Can I charge my smart watch with my phone?

There are two methods to use your phone to power your smartwatch. The first method allows you to charge your gadget wirelessly. In the second method, you would require a data cable for utilizing your phone to charge your smartwatch.

How can I avoid the extreme temperatures of my smartwatch?

Never place your smart watch in a place where it might heat up more. Avoid leaving your smartwatch out in the sun or in a heated car for a long duration of time. This might lower the battery’s lifespan and cause harm.

How much time does a smartwatch require to charge?

A smartwatch normally needs two to three hours to charge completely. However, this might change according to the smartwatch model and the charger used. Fast charging is a function that certain smartwatches have that can speed up charging.

How can I stop the faster battery drain?

Games and apps with plenty of animations and visuals can quickly deplete the battery. Avoid using these applications and games if you want your smart watch’s battery to last longer.

How can I use a magnetic charger to charge my smartwatch?

Magnetic smartwatch chargers frequently contain a dock or mat for charging. Simply set the watch on the dock or mat to begin charging it. But make sure the magnets are positioned correctly.

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