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How to Delete TextNow Account?


TextNow is beyond doubt the best texting app for Android as well as for iOS. Sometimes it seems of no use for the TextNow app if you have other alternatives or if you need to switch your experience. In that case, you may intend to delete your account.

To be honest, deleting your TextNow account is straightforward. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. So in this blog post, you will learn how to delete a TextNow account on your iPhone and Android with a step-by-step discussion.

Delete TextNow account on Android

At this time there are endless services to use for texting. And if in your opinion TextNow is not worth it, we will help you delete your account from TextNow so that you can take a new start. Deleting a TextNow account on Android is a very simple task and you can do this in just minutes. With the steps given below, you can delete TextNow with full security and your data will be permanently removed.

Sign in to your TextNow account

Go to the TextNow app and first sign in to your account from your Android. Mostly TextNow apps are available only on those Androids that have compatibility. If it is available on your phone just navigate to your app from the home screen and press the sign-in button. Pressing on login will let you enter your password and email. Enter them and tap on the “Log in” button.

Sign in to your TextNow account

Click on “Settings” 

After successfully logging in to your TextNow account navigate to the “Settings” option. Then scroll down and go for the “Account” or “Users” option. Press on it and the next step is to locate the delete option. 

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Enter the password and choose “Delete Account”

Accounts/Users will locate you to delete the account option, this option needs verification. To get verified, simply enter the password of your TextNow account. 

Enter the password and choose "Delete Account"

Note: if you have forgotten your password simply reset it by sending a code to your number.

The account has been permanently deleted

After the verification process, the Android device will permanently delete your TextNow account not only from this device in fact permanently. With a proper secure process, all associated data to your will be deleted. Note that this can take up to several minutes.

Alternative ways than delete a TextNow Account

If you find deleting an account difficult for yourself don’t worry there are alternative methods available by which there is no need to delete the account.

Alternative ways than deleting TextNow Account

Uninstall the TextNow App

Get tired of the TextNow app? Just uninstall the app without deleting your account. By this, your data will remain safe in-app. Whenever you want to use that app again, you can come back. Just go to phone settings choose the TextNow app hold and press the uninstall button.

Remove the Payment Method

Connected Paypal or credit card to your TextNow account? Remove your associated cards if you don’t want to add payment methods anymore.

Discontinue Using TextNow App

If you don’t want to use TextNow App instead of deleting it just stop using it. When you start doing that it will decrease your daily usage and you can come back to it whenever you want t continue. Better than deleting, and installing again and again this is the simple option.

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Remove Data from TextNow 

Another option is to remove all your data from TextNow App. It is important to get to know about deleting or discontinuing facts and risks before doing that. Simply remove all your personal data so that your information remains safe and no authorized users can get access to it.


So whether you are in search of How to delete TextNow Account, remove all of your data, uninstall the app, or ins short any process to get rid of the TextNow app just make sure to take those steps by your privacy stays protected and secure. Because with the right precautions you can enjoy the experience or easily get rid of any app.

FAQs about how to delete Textnow Account

Now we’re going to respond to some of the frequently asked questions. You’re encouraged to gather more queries from this section.

How do I delete my Textnow account?

Just follow the simple steps in the above guide, go to your TextNow settings>Account>Delete account.

How do I cancel my Textnow subscription?

You can easily cancel any subscription by removing your card or Paypal account associated with your TextNow account.


How do I delete my Textnow account if I no longer have the app?

Install the TextNow app first from Google Play or third-party apps and login to your account, then further do the deletion process.

How do I delete my Textnow account if I forgot my password?

Rest your password with the email or number you have added to your TextNow account.

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