How To Fix Muffled AirPods?

AirPods are always in high demand. That’s because they are reliable, portable, convenient, and have a durable build. Despite all these positive aspects, there are some demerits too. The most common issue with the AirPods is the muffled sound. Users always encounter this problem while listening to music or watching movies. How to fix muffled AirPods?

There are some simple ways to fix the AirPods that muffle. If everything goes well, they should sound crisp and clear after applying those easy techniques. However, this article is for you if you have a pair of muffled AirPods. We will be pointing out the best methods of eliminating the annoying muffled sound of your AirPods here. Stay engaged!

How To Fix Muffled AirPods?

Users are used to experiencing disturbing muffled sounds with their expensive AirPods. There might be a few underlying problems with AirPods because of these issues. Fortunately, these problems can be fixed in no time. You can comply with the following methods to ensure the best solutions as a user: Let’s dive into the context!

Reset Your AirPods

When you experience a variety of setbacks with your AirPods, you can simply reset them to get a quick fix. A reset can help you repair the muffled sound issue as well. Before resetting AirPods, put them in the charger case and keep the lid closed. Unpair them from your device. After that, you need to hold the setup button.

The button is placed on the back of the charger case. Keep holding the button until the status light flashes. Then reconnect the AirPods to your device. Make sure your device is close to the AirPods when connecting them. When you’re done, test the sound quality. It should be fine.

Check Your Bluetooth Connection

If you’re looking for a quick fix, you’d better check your Bluetooth connection during the initial period. There might be interference in the connection that can cause difficulties with the sound. A poor connection can cause cutting in and out of sound with your AirPods often.

Once you notice any drawbacks to your Bluetooth connection, try to turn it off for a while. Then reconnect it with your device to get an improved quality of sound. After that, you’re less likely to experience muffled or reduced-quality sound.

Clean Your AirPods

One of the main reasons your AirPods make muffled sounds is the buildup of dirt or dust. The particles of earwax can also be clogged into the AirPods, which eventually create muffled audio. To get rid of the irritating sound, you have to be prompt in cleaning them as early as possible. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down and remove the dirty substances.

If the residue becomes too stubborn, then you can use a cloth dampened with plain water. But be aware that the cloth won’t scratch up your costly AirPods. To clean the outer surface, you can use an alcohol wipe or a bleach-free disinfectant wipe. But there is no scope for using any soup to clean the AirPods.

Suck On Speaker Grills

Gently sucking on the speaker grills is an incredible method of fixing muffled AirPods. This can remove any blockages inside the speaker mesh that are causing the deterioration of sound. While you’re sucking, try to place the tip of the AirPods between your lips and keep breathing in through your mouth for a while.

But never let your saliva enter the speaker port, as it can damage them. Besides, don’t use excessive suction, as it can have negative outcomes over time. After sucking, you have to clean and wipe the AirPods carefully.

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Clean The Speaker Ports

If you’re having muffled sounds with your AirPods, the clogged speakers might be a cause. There might remain wax or dirt inside the speaker ports due to the lack of cleanup. Hence, you have to clean them with a dry cotton swab or a soft-bristled brush. Try to clean the microphone ports on the backs of the AirPods for optimal protection.

The wax may not come out after several phases of cleanup. You can soften a piece of mounting putty and touch it to the dirty surface to bring it out. A wooden toothpick can also help you pick out any clinging earwax from the inner edges of the speaker ports.

Seek Professional Service

There might also be technical issues behind the muffled AirPods that you can barely fix. In this case, you have to ask for help from the manufacturer. But make sure your AirPods have a warranty and conform to all the warranty conditions.

If everything is correct, they will fix or replace your AirPods within a specific period. But if your AirPods have expired their service term, you can unhesitantly seek someone who can repair them. To get the proper maintenance, explain the overall problems to the authorized service provider.

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Final Words

You may encounter several issues with your AirPods; muffled sound can be one of the most salient ones. There are a bunch of common culprits behind the issue. You need to quickly fix the issues that cause muffled sounds. How to fix muffled AirPods? To be honest, you can do multiple tasks to get the issue permanently fixed—checking the Bluetooth connection, resetting, and cleaning the AirPods are the musts.

And almost all the tasks you can carry out to bring back the original sound quality are described above. So you can adhere to those to succeed in overcoming the muffled sound. It’s always advisable that you keep your AirPods clean to avoid all the potential setbacks. Never forget to check the audio balance settings on the connected device if the problems still persist.

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