How To Get An Airpods Case Off That’s Stuck?

AirPods are kept in a hard and thick plastic case. The case holds them tightly. It’s undeniable that the case keeps AirPods protected from scratches, stains, and dust. But sometimes, the pods can get stuck in the case, and it seems cumbersome to get them out. How to get an AirPods case off that’s stuck? 

If your AirPods are stuck in the case, you, like other people, may consider breaking the case at first. But breaking the case is not the only solution. Rather, you may apply many more tactics to let the case fall off the AirPods. To help you out, we’ve compiled here some simple methods to eliminate your suffering. Let’s move on!

Why do AirPods get stuck in the case?

Getting the AirPods stuck in the case is a normal incident. There are a bunch of reasons behind it. First of all, the hard and thick materials of the case hold them compactly to keep them in place. As a result, the AirPods become susceptible to getting stuck. Besides, the friction between the inner pods’ case and the protective case prevents the pods from coming out easily.

Why do AirPods get stuck in the case

Moreover, the AirPods can get stuck in the case because of the dirty hinge. If dirt or dust accumulates in the hinge over time, they don’t allow the pods to come out and let the case lid get jammed spontaneously. The case quality can also be a salient reason for getting the AirPods stuck.

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How to get an AirPods case off that’s stuck?

Have you gotten your AirPods stuck in the case? No worries! Every problem has a solution. No wonder you can get AirPods out of the case by applying some techniques when they get stuck. All the methods are easy and simple. You just need to carry them out properly to eliminate the concerns. Let’s explore them.

Press the bottom of the case

To remove the stuck AirPods from the case without the use of any additional materials, first press the case’s bottom. Once you press it, the pressure will let the AirPods come out of the case smoothly if there are no mechanical drawbacks.

Press the bottom of the case

Remember that the plastic case doesn’t have much cohesive force, so a gentle press should work fine. But if the press doesn’t allow the pods to get out of the case, you need to remove any visible debris that resides in the case.

Gently warm the case

Instead of deciding to break the case, you can gently warm it. There will be no damage to the case if you don’t make it too hot. Once you warm it, it will be outstretched, and you can take the AirPods out of it easily. To heat the case, you can use a heater or a hairdryer.

Gently warm the case

No need to put the case directly over the first. Instead, you need to put the heating object far from the case. As soon as the case expands, you must remove the heating source. Otherwise, it may cause dents and scratches on the case.

Insert the charging cable into your AirPods

Another straightforward method of getting your AirPods out of the case is to use the charging cable. First, you need to insert the cable into your AirPods and then keep pushing the cable in an upward direction. After pushing the cable for a while, the pods are supposed to come out of the case. Never put too much pressure on the cable; it may damage the AirPods and the case.

Insert the charging cable into your AirPods

If you don’t want to take risks with your cable, you can use an object like a solid stick to take the AirPods out of the case. You should be careful when inserting the object into the charging port, lest your charging port gets damaged because of excessive pressure. Be careful so that the object doesn’t adhere to the cable.

Use some isopropyl alcohol:

If your AirPods are tightly attached to the charging case, you need to apply chemicals to get them out. Initially, you can try isopropyl alcohol, as it is efficient at removing the cohesive bond between the AirPods and the case.

Always apply them around the edge of the AirPods case to have an instant release. Keep in mind that it has a quick drying time, so there is no need to wait for a longer period. Also, try to use them in moderate amounts to avoid further drawbacks.

Use a lubricant

Although it’s not the best option, you can try it to get a quick solution. You can use some lubricant on the back hinges of the case after opening the lid. Once the lubricant gets into the hinges, it should spontaneously let go of the AirPods. Try to get a consistent grip around the case to bring out the pods easily.

There is no need for excessive lubricant, as it can damage the functionality of the AirPods. You need to keep the lubricant away from the circuit of the pods to keep them operational. If you can properly carry out this method, your AirPods and case will work smoothly.

Cut the outer case

If any of the above methods don’t work, you must cut the outer case. It’s probably the last solution to experiment with. To cut the case, you can use a hacksaw. You need to cut both sides of the case in a line.

Once you cut the case, you can wedge a screwdriver head into the cut slot. Then try to twist the case to open it and get your AirPods out.

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Final words

How to get an AirPods case off that’s stuck? All AirPods users must understand it. If you’re suffering from the same problem, you may follow one of the above methods to get a quick solution. You can buy a case made of soft materials to avoid such an issue. Besides, you need to keep the case’s hinge clean all along.

Always ensure you’re adjusting the AirPods properly into the case before closing the lid. Most importantly, you must ensure that your AirPods perfectly fit your case. Otherwise, you will grow tired of the issues over time.

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