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How To Get Call Records For Any Number?

How to get call records for any number? It’s important to know the safe, simple, and secret procedure for tracking call records for a specific number that belongs to someone closer. Although you can check call history from a phone by default, in this case, you can only see limited data and information for a short period of time.

So if you want to surveil extensive call records over a prolonged period, you have to walk through the intuitive method. To be honest, you need to utilize a call tracker mobile app like “Call History” or “Phone” that can keep track of all of the call records of a number efficiently. However, in this article, we’re going to discuss the overall method elaborately. Stay in touch!

Steps To Get Call Records For Any Number Using The Call History App

It’s no longer strenuous to keep close eyes on one’s phone calls. You can effortlessly get anyone’s call details, leveraging the full potential of some sophisticated mobile apps. Call History is one of the standouts. Here are the steps you have to follow to track call records for any number using the Call History app:

Download And Install The Call History App

To get complete details of the call for a particular number, you first need to download and install the Call History mobile application from the Play Store. The app will pop up as soon as you search for it on the Play Store console. But keep in mind that there might be some copy apps with the same name. Always try to scan and choose the authentic one.

Open The App

Once you’ve successfully installed the app on your Android or iPhone, it’s time to get started. Just open the app with the requisite credentials. Abide by all the terms and conditions to enable the app on your device to harness all the built-in features.

Choose The Call History Button And Select The Country

After launching the application on your phone, you will see an interface with the “Call History” button. You need to select the button to get all the call details. Then you will be asked to select the country of the number that you want to track. Simply select the country name from the drop-down menu.

Add The Mobile Number And Submit Your Email ID

Now it’s time to add the mobile number from which you want to get call records. After adding the correct number, you can click on the “Submit” button to move forward. Your next task is to provide a valid email ID to make the process a success. Once you enter your authentic email, tap on the “Submit” button again.

Navigate To The Call History Option

Once you have completed the previous steps appropriately, you will be taken to a new page with call history, WhatsApp history, SMS history, and all detail options. As you want to track call records, you need to navigate to the Call History. As soon as you click on the option, you can see the complete records of the number you entered earlier.

Steps To Get The Call History Of Any Number Using The Phone App

checking a call history in phone app

No matter whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, you can see the full records of calls to a particular number using the “Phone” app on your device. Its built-in features will allow you to access previous data from phone calls with ease. You can check the history even after it is removed from the device. Here are the steps to track call records using the “Phone” app.

  • Open The Phone App

When the “Phone” is launched on your device, you can open it. Most phones have the app installed and activated by default. But if it’s not running on your phone, you can download and install it from the Play Store. It doesn’t require any fees to use.

  • Navigate To The Recents Tab

In the bottom menu of the app, you will see the “Recents” tab. You need to navigate to the tab to check the history of a specific number.

  • Look For The Number

Now it’s time to find the number from which you want to access call records. You need to scroll down to search and find the number. If the number is not shown in your call logs, you can enter it and make a call.

  • Tap The Number And Then History

Finally, it’s time to track the records. Just tap on the number to make the “History” option pop up. Once you discover the “History” option, simply press on it and check the overall connections and communication of the number.

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Can You Check Someone’s Call Records Online?

With the advancement of technology, it’s now possible to track all incoming and outgoing calls online. Third-party call tracker apps can present you with full details instantly online, thanks to their groundbreaking features. Even so, they can monitor all call histories without letting the owner of the number know anything.

There is a wide range of call history tracking apps online. But the KidsGuard Pro always seems to be the best. That’s because it can show the details of call information quickly, efficiently, and simply. It can synchronize the exhaustive call records remotely in real-time. Apart from tracking call records, you can use it for tracking SMS, contacts, real-time location, and other social apps online.

Here are the steps to check someone’s call records online with KidsGuard Pro


Visit the KidsGuard Pro official website from any web browser while you have a stable internet connection.


Create an account with your email, password, and other necessary credentials, and log into your account.


Go through the setup procedure and configure the settings to allow the app to synchronize the call details of the desired number from the target device.


Access and check all the data for the targeted number online.

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Final Words

How to get call records for any number? Checking the call history of any number is easy. All you need to do is use a premium call tracker app. You can use any of the above-mentioned apps to get your job successfully done. But if you’re not comfortable with these procedures, you can walk through another way. You can do so with the help of the network service provider for the number.

In this case, you have to go to the official website and provide some information to access all the information. This procedure is legal, easy, and effective, but it can never be secret at all. However, if you want to learn more about this topic, you can ask us. We’re always here to provide you with quick answers to all your questions.

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