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How to pair Altec Lansing Speaker?

How to pair an Altec Lansing speaker? It’s crucial to know the appropriate pairing procedure if you’re in search of a great sound system. That’s because the quality of sound matters equally to the overall features of the speaker and the exact setup.

However, if there is a concern for you about how to pair it on Android and iOS in the right way to get a suitable sound, this guide is for you. You can stay tuned till the end to know the correct way.

Steps to pair Altec Lancing Speakers on Android

It is super easy to pair Altec Lancing speakers to your Android. All you need to follow the given steps and within minutes you can do a pairing.

Steps to pair Altec Lancing Speakers on Android

Step 1: Turn on the Speakers

At the first step, you need to turn on your Altec Lancing Speakers. A button is given on one of the sides just press and turns it “ON”. How you will get to know that they are ON? A green light will blink when they are turned ON.

Step 2: Establish Bluetooth connectivity

In the second step, you need an Android phone go to its device settings and there you will see a connectivity option, click on that option. Now click on “Search for available devices”. It will scan for nearby devices if your speakers are turned “ON”, the Altec Speaker name will be shown in available devices. Click on that and your device will start to establish a connection.

Step 3: Connect to the Speaker

By clicking on the speaker’s name, you will receive a confirmation message if you want to connect or not. Click on YES or OK on whatever you receive on the screen. Now your device and speaker connect successfully. Check if the speakers connect they will show in the list of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Step 4: Play Music

Now you are all set up and can play any music with the Altec Lancing Speaker. Open your streaming device and select the desired track, playlist, or album from Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music for listening.

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Steps to Pair Altec Lancing Speakers on iOS

As easy as connectivity on Android, just you have to be familiar with the how-to know of iPhone. We hope this process of pairing will be helpful for you.

Steps to pair Altec Lancing Speakers on iOS

Turn ON the power of the Speaker

Turn on your Altec Lancing speakers by pressing the button. It is important to turn that ON if you need connectivity establishment between speakers and devices. 

Set up Bluetooth on iOS 

Now set up Bluetooth connectivity on your iPhone open your settings app choose connectivity and turn the Bluetooth “ON”.

Search for Altec Lancing Speakers

Once you have turned on the Bluetooth next search for your Altec Lancing Speakers in the available devices click on it and go to the following step instructions.

Connect to Altec Lancing

By clicking on the Altec Lancing and the connection is established, click on the confirmation to connect speakers and you are done now.

Test your connection

After pairing up by playing the song check whether your device is connected or not. In case it is not connected repeat the procedure and that’s how Altec Lancing Speakers are paired up with your device.

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Altec Lancing Speakers are of the highest quality and offer top-quality audio without damaging your device. How to pair an Altec Lancing speaker? When you want to pair up any device, the above instructions are something you need to keep in mind

FAQs about how to pair Altec Lancing Speaker

Following are some frequently asked queries about the pairing of Altec Lancing speakers to devices.

What type of connections we can make with Altec Lancing Speakers?

For fast and easy connection we prefer Bluetooth connectivity for sure however some speakers also offer wire connection.

What is the battery timing of Altec Laning Speakers?

The battery timing of Altec Lancing Speakers is 9 hours approximately which is enough for a good connection then you have to charge them for the next use.

Do Altec Lancing Speakers offer multi-room audio?

Yes, Altec Lancing speakers offer multi-room audio service to its users because of its built-in multi-room audio technology.

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