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How to Program NFC tags – Android / iOS Full Guide

The Near Field Communication (NFC) tags are used to facilitate communication between devices over a short distance.The most interesting thing is that it doesn’t require any pairing processes like Bluetooth.It is available for Android as well as for iOS, but you need to program them first.

How to program NFC tags on Android/iPhone? You can provide a faster and better communication service if you can program NFC tags by sticking to some easy steps. In this guide, we will show you everything in detail. Let’s proceed!

What is NFC and what are its uses?

NFC is basically wireless near-field communication between devices over a short distance. It is easier to handle and use because no pairing of devices is required, and the interface is smooth and reliable. So if it does not require pairing, then how does it work? The answer is simple: it requires the exchange of radio frequency signals to facilitate data transmission among devices that are not far from each other.

You can perform various activities with its help: contactless payments, asset tracking, identification and verification purposes, etc. In contactless payments, you don’t need to add your credit card details or personal data. That’s why it is secure; instead, it allows users to make payments at the point of sale terminals or online shopping stores via their NFCs.

What is NFC?

Another use of NFC is contactless authentication and verification to store digital certificates in order to verify one’s identity. For example in access control systems and door locks etc. Many people take advantage of free coupons and discounts from NFC tags by tapping on them. In short, NFC provides a better and easiest way to communicate with each other.

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How to program an NFC tag using an Android?

Programming an NFC tag using Android is an easy-to-do method that does not require any hardware or techniques, it can be done in just simple steps that can be performed in minutes. 


Following are some requirements that you should fulfill before starting the procedure:

  • An Android device embedded with NFC
  • NFC tag
  • A suitable app
Turn the NFC ON on your device

Steps to program an NFC tag using an Android

Follow the below steps in order to start programming:

Turn the NFC ON on your device

  • Every smartphone has a “settings” option. Open it or you can search for it first
  • In the settings of the phone an option, you will see by scrolling down your settings menu is “Wireless and Networks”
  • In Wireless and Networks, you will see the “NFC” option enable it
  • Tap on the Android beam option and turn it ON

Program your NFC tag now

  • We have mentioned that an app is necessary to program the NFC tag. So, open your app or you can also use any NFC tool for this purpose
  • Now put the NFC app close to your Android app remember to place the tag near the back of the device
  • Select your task action according to which you would like to program your NFC tag
  • An app will get open plus URL will redirect, your responsibility is to tap on “Write” or “Program”
  • Then you will receive a message of programmed successfully

Testing the tag

  • Now remove the tag and bring the device close to Android to test the connection
  • In this case, you will get to know whether the device is programmed successfully or not
  • Easily perform your tasks now and in case the device is not connected repeat the procedure to get results

How to program an NFC tag using iPhone?

Follow the given instructions so that easily program an NFC tag using iPhone before some requirements are necessary:

NFC tag using iPhone


  • Third-party app
  • NFC tag
  • iOS device

Steps to program an NFC tag using iPhone

The below steps will help in programming the NFC tag and they should be followed step by step after meeting all the requirements.

Get the appropraiate app from App store

First, go to your App store of iOS and download any of the third-party apps for programming. If you need to program an NFC tag using an iOS third-party app plays a vital role.

Determine the type of tag

In the second step, you have to determine the type of tag that suits your NFC project. Due to the availability of a variety of tags, it is necessary to select your tag type first. Otherwise, it may create errors because each type is designed to store different data.

Read the tag and put the data

Prepare all the data you need to store, now read the tag with the iOS device and in the end, confirmation will be done. Also, follow the instructions step by step provided to you.

Test the Tag

Now test your tag and make sure it functions well or not. That’s it.

Read the tag and put the data

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Final Thoughts

By following the above steps you can easily Program NFC tags using Android and iOS. Get a fast service and improve your experience with NFC tags. No time wastage and easy-to-follow methods are there for you. Now it’s up to you whether you avail this opportunity or stick to old methods.

FAQs about how to Program NFC Tags

Below is the list of some popular frequently ask queries, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

How do I program an NFC tag?

Download a third-party app to perform programming, Compatible device with an NFC reader/writer is required to program an NFC tag.

Can NFC tags be used with iOS devices?

Yes obviously, we have mentioned a proper guide and step to step procedure on how to program NFC using iOS read above.

What are some uses of programming NFC tags?

Uses of NFC tags include a variety of applications, contactless payments, verifications, online shopping, etc.

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