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How to recover photos from Secure Folder?

Clicking photos is a common trend nowadays because people like to save and share their memories with friends and well-wishers. And so that everyone keeps their photos safe in secure folders and third-party apps that provide privacy to every single album.

Sometimes you want to reuse these pictures for sharing purposes or any other and need to recover them from the secure folders, so how can you do this? Well, it’s super easy to get these photos and videos back! In this blog post, we will describe to you the top methods to recover photos from a secure folder on a Samsung phone. So select the suitable method, and you are done with it.

What is a Secure Folder, and what does it do?

In order to increase the security level of data people prefer to add their items to secure folders that keep safe all documents including photos, videos, files, music, notes, and many more. These secure folders are designed in such a way that only the owner of the docs can access them by a pattern or password. And if we talk about Samsung phones, they have entirely safe and good-quality secure folders. 

What is a Secure Folder and what does it do

This secure folder gives a feature of switching also for example if you want to hide the screen of the secure folder from others simply double-press the side volume button and the simple app will open. You can use even two accounts with the help of a secure folder one on the original app and one on the secure folder app. There are other advantages of a secure folder also. Let’s have a look at what requirements are needed for a secure folder.

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Requirements for a Secure Folder

The secure folder on Samsung mobile required Android 7.0 and than that. Also, a backup of your photos is required in the secure folder to get your data back. You can enable or disable the secure folder from the settings. 

List of Top Methods to recover photos from Secure Folder

The top methods will help you recover photos from a secure folder on a Samsung device.

  1. By using a Samsung account
  2. By using a third-party app

By using a Samsung Account

One of the most efficient methods to recover photos from the secure folder is using your Samsung Account. When we use a Samsung smartphone, all critical information is stored by Samsung accounts, like logins, passwords, and backups. 

A Samsung account is only for a Samsung member, and it protects your data also maintains the confidentiality that no one can get access to it. Thus, with the help of a Samsung account, recovering photos is very easy to perform. Below are the steps that will help you recover your data from seconds to minutes.

  • Step 1: Log in to the Samsung account

As we have already told you, a Samsung account is necessary to perform this operation. Go to your Samsung account and enter your password and email. Now fulfil the security requirements you have selected for your account it may be biometric or other message link verification. Log in after getting verified.

  • Step 2: Go to the secure folder settings

From general settings, scroll down and press the “biometrics and security option”. By clicking on that option, a secure folder settings option will appear. Select it and go to the next step.

  • Step 3: Select backup and restore

Now press the backup and restore option. Choosing this option will create all your data backup, including photos, videos, and documents saved in the secure folder. Choose the option of “photos” if you only need to get them back and proceed to the next step.

Step 3 Select backup and restore
  • Step 4: Restore all photos to the gallery

Finally, click the restore option, and all images from the secure folder will be downloaded back to your Samsung gallery. It will take seconds or minutes, depending on the file sizes.

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By using a third-party app

The second easy method to recover photos from the secure folder is by using third-party apps. These apps include recovery software that requires rooting. Thus, you can recover your photos. People prefer this recovery software because sometimes we forget to make backups, and this software helps to get data back without any backup problems. 

This method is also considered authentic because of no leakage of privacy, and if we talk about the best recovery tools, you can choose any of the tools that are compatible with your device. These tools not only help to recover data from Samsung devices but also supports other devices. 

By using a third-party app

To use these tools, download the software on your PC first>Connect your smartphone with your PC> Allow connections from mobile>Go to secure folder setting>Tap on the required data such as music, video, photos, etc, whatever you want to recover from secure folder >Click on recover. You are done with the recovery process via the recovery tool.

Can we restore photos from Secure Folder by using Smart Switch?

The answer is NO because the intelligent switch transfers documents such as files, images, and videos to a new device from the old one but can’t recover your data from the secure folder. You should go with the backup option or use a recovery tool.


To conclude the whole topic, we will advise you to create a backup of your data from a secure folder so it can be easy to get files back. In the second option of using a recovery tool, always try to download software from an authentic third-party website so that the privacy of your data remains maintained.

FAQs about How to recover photos from Secure Folder

Below are some frequently asked queries about removing photos from the secure folder have a look at them.

Can I restore data from a secure folder?

Yes, you can restore all your data, including photos, documents, audio, and videos, by using different methods.

Can I recover deleted files from a secure folder without a backup?

Well, you can recover deleted files from a secure folder with the help of recovery tools that don’t need backups just choose the right tool.

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