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How to Turn on a TV Without a Remote? Easy Ways

How to turn on a TV without a remote? You may be in search of the most constructive answer to that question, right? Yeah, that’s because a remote is prone to malfunctioning sometimes due to power outages, signal interference, or damage to the internal parts. Besides, you may also lose or misplace it whenever you need to control your TV from a distance.

Whatever situation you fall into, you, of course, want an easy and convenient way to replace the use of the physical remote. It’s undeniable that pressing the power button, located on the front, side, or back panel of the TV, is the best way to turn it on. But there are many more alternatives, too. In this article, we will be discussing all of them to help you out. Stay engaged until the end.

The Best Ways to Turn on a TV Without a Remote

How to turn on a TV without a remote?

A remote is used to turn on a television. It’s used widely, but it’s not the sole option to control a television at all. With the advancement of technology, you no longer need to rely on a remote to get your TV turned on. Below are some of the quickest and easiest ways:

Use the Built-in Power Button

No matter whether your remote is not working or you misplaced it somewhere, you can turn on your television with its power button. Almost all smart and non-smart televisions are designed with a physical power button to let you turn on and off the TV with ease. So you just need to press the button by getting closer to the TV.

In this case, the only concern is that you can’t control the TV remotely. So it may seem somewhat cumbersome to you if you’re accustomed to using a remote. However, if you struggle to find the physical power button on your TV, you can look for the user manual. You can also search for the button on the TV’s frame.

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Use a Smartphone

As a smartphone can work as a remote, what is the reason to worry? You can easily convert your smartphone into a remote and control your TV from a distance. In this case, you must have a smart TV, and an infrared blaster must be available on your smartphone. Once you are sure both of your devices are designed with the necessary features and functions, you can proceed with the next steps.

What are the steps? The first step is to download and install a universal remote app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then activate and launch the app on your phone. Connect both your TV and phone to the same internet and choose your TV from the available list on the phone. Finally, point your smartphone towards the TV and follow on-screen instructions to turn the TV on.

Use a Video Game Console

Use a video game console How to turn on a TV without a remote?

There is no need to wait long hours to buy a new remote and turn your laptop on once your present one stops working. You can make use of a video game console to perform the task. In this case, your TV must be equipped with HDMI-CEC features like Xbox and PlayStation.

Once your TV has the features, you need to enable the “HDMI-CEC” option on the TV beforehand from the display settings. After activating the feature, you need to plug the game console into the TV. If everything goes well, your TV will be turned on automatically as soon as you turn on the game console.

Use the OK Google

No remote, no problem, as long as you have the OK Google feature accessible. It will allow you to turn your TV on without any additional peripherals. You can use the feature if your television comes with a built-in hands-free voice control system. Once you’re allowed to control the TV, you will see the flashing light on your TV.

How to use OK Google properly? Just say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” on your Android phone or tablet. Tap the down button next to your email address to see all Assistant settings. Select the account you want to use and choose the action you need to carry out.

Use the Voice Commands

Seriously speaking, you can use your voice to turn on your TV. Once the Fire Stick and the Echo are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can open the Alexa app. Then you need to select the More>Settings>TV & Video option. Once you do so, your next task is to connect Alexa to your TV.

Select your service provider from the list and tap the Enable button to connect your TV to your Alexa. Follow the on-screen directions to set up everything correctly. Once everything goes well, use your voice commands to turn on and off the TV.

Plug in and Plug Out the Power Outlet

Plug in and plug out the power outlet

Once you fail to turn on your TV with any of the above-mentioned steps, that means you need to walk through an exceptional approach. You can try to plug in and plug out the power outlet to get a positive result. With this method, you can overcome the issues related to plugs or cords that prevent your TV from working.

But keep in mind that you must keep the TV turned on before unplugging it. Otherwise, the method won’t work. To be honest, it might be a little bit risky for your television sometimes. So it’s not advisable as far as you can control your TV with other methods.

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Final Words

Having a malfunctioning remote is no longer a serious matter of concern. It’s now possible to make an alternative to the remote immediately. You can turn your smartphone into a remote if you feel it is uncomfortable to use the built-in power button of the TV. How to turn on a TV without a remote? Several effective and easy methods are described in detail above.

You can follow any of the provided options that seem ideal for you. We hope you can now perform the basic operations of a remote without a physical one. Nonetheless, if you face any setbacks in doing so, you can ask for our help. We’re always ready to provide you with quick troubleshooting.

FAQs About How to turn on a TV without a remote?

A remote is an integral part of a TV. But its functions can be performed by some other devices. In this section, we will be talking more about the controlling procedure of a TV without a remote.

Can I turn on my TV with a smartphone that doesn’t have an IR blaster?

Yes, you can efficiently turn on your TV with a smartphone that doesn’t have an IR blaster. A dedicated app from your TV manufacturer can help you sync your TV and enable you to control it from your smartphone. You need to connect both the smartphone and TV to the same Wi-Fi in this case.

Can I use my iPhone to control my TV?

Yes, you can spontaneously turn on and off, switch between channels, and increase and decrease the volume of your TV with your iPhone. All you need to do is use a remote app that is compatible with your iPhone and start controlling your TV.

How can I pair a universal remote with my TV?

To pair a universal remote with your smart TV, you need to press and hold the power and TV buttons on the remote. Then press the Play button on the remote. Repeat the process until you find the remote paired with the TV.

How do I get my TV to recognize my remote?

If you want your TV to recognize your remote, you need to perform a power reset. You also need to make sure your remote has efficient batteries and a good connection between the buttons. Check that there is no signal interference on the remote as well.

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