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How to Use Dex on the Samsung Galaxy Phone? Updated 2024

Do you want to turn your Samsung Galaxy phone into a desktop computer? If so, then Samsung Dex is for you. You can use this revolutionary feature to have a seamless desktop-like experience by connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your phone. How to use Dex on the Samsung Galaxy phone? As the feature is specially developed for the high-end Samsung phone, you can easily leverage it.

It can be used on premium devices via an HDMI or USB-C cable. Some Samsung smartphones also support the wireless version. In this article, we will guide you through the easiest procedure for making the best use of this exclusive software feature. As we collect information from authentic platforms, there is no chance of being distracted. Just focus on the resources.

Steps to Set Up and Use Dex on the Samsung Galaxy Phone

Steps to Set Up and Use Dex

The Samsung Dex software is pre-installed on all premium Galaxy devices. To utilize it, you need to connect your phone to an external display. You can opt for either a TV or a monitor to experience the power of Dex. However, follow the below steps once you have your cable at your fingertips:

Step 1

On your phone, pull down on the status bar twice and access your quick toggles first. Scroll over and look for the Dex button. Tap on the button once you see it. You need to go to the system settings if you don’t find Dex here.

Step 2

Once you enable Dex, you can plug the USB-C cable into your phone. Then plug the HDMI end into your monitor or TV, whatever you choose to connect to your phone through the Dex feature.

Step 3

As soon as they are successfully connected, you will see a desktop user interface appear on your monitor. Within a few seconds, you will discover that your phone’s screen will turn into a trackpad. Now use the on-screen cursor to give directions and use your phone like a desktop.

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How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Dex Wirelessly?

How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Dex Wirelessly?

You don’t even need a connection cable to use Dex; it can be used wirelessly as well. But in this case, your phone must support the wireless feature. To ensure a solid connection between your phone and monitor, you need to use the same Wi-Fi with a powerful router. Also, you have to make sure your monitor is fairly compatible with the Dex feature. Once all the prerequisites are fulfilled, you can follow the below steps:

  • Open your Samsung phone and go to the system settings. Tap Connected Devices and then Samsung Dex to enable the feature.
  • Then tap Dex on your Dex-compatible monitor. In the “connect wirelessly” device box, you will find a list of compatible wireless devices.
  • As of now, you need to tap the “Start Now” button to allow Dex to start functioning on your monitor.
  • Accept the connection on your monitor and wait until a desktop UI appears. Once you see the UI, start using your phone as a desktop on the monitor.

How do I Use Samsung Dex on a Windows PC or Mac?

How do I Use Samsung Dex on a Windows PC or Mac

If you’re interested in connecting your phone to your Windows PC or Mac, you can do so with Samsung Dex software. After making a perfect connection, you can perform basic computing tasks, browse the internet, enjoy music, resize Windows and apps, change the desktop background, and take screenshots from your phone. Follow the below directions:

  • First, download the Dex app from the Google Play Store and activate it on your phone.
  • Once the Dex app is launched on your phone, use a USB-C cable and plug your phone in.
  • Click on the “OK” button as soon as you see the Samsung Dex pop up on your phone.
  • Then click on the “Dex is available” notification in your status bar and tap “Start Now” after getting the notification “Start Casting with Samsung Dex.”.
  • On your PC or Mac, you will discover a desktop view of your Samsung Galaxy phone after that. On the desktop, you can click on the navigation or settings menus with your phone’s trackpad to access them.
  • You can also access apps, home, buttons, settings, and notification menus from your phone.

How to Use Samsung Dex for Gaming?

How to Use Samsung Dex for Gaming

It’s no wonder that you can play games on your Samsung Dex-compatible Galaxy device. This time, you also need an HDMI cable to connect the phone to a gaming monitor. In addition, you have to connect a mouse and a keyboard to have the best navigation. Using a controller will offer you an immersive experience in all types of games. You can route the connection through an adapter as well.

You can also invest in some additional accessories, like a phone cooler, a wireless charger, and so on, to have flawless gaming sessions all along. As the overall gaming performance heavily depends on the connection and setup, you need to accumulate high-end devices and a solid Wi-Fi connection.

To use Samsung Dex for gaming, you first need to connect your phone to the gaming monitor using the HDMI cable. Then you have to navigate to the quick settings menu or the Samsung Dex page in Settings to find the Dex button. Once you find it, hit on it and enable the “Auto start when HDMI is connected” option.

As soon as you enable it, the Dex interface will be connected to your display, and you can launch the game from your phone to the monitor. You can use your phone’s display as a touchpad to navigate and control the app and games on the big screen.

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Final Words

For mobile-powered desktop computing, nothing can be a better option than the Samsung Dex. This innovative feature allows Samsung users to transform their phones into reliable PCs without having to invest much time and money. Surely, the convenience seems very productive and effective for users. However, we talked about how to use Dex on the Samsung Galaxy phone in detail.

We also described how a user can leverage the power of Dex for gaming. If you’re someone trying to explore the convenience and benefits of the Samsung Dex, you can abide by the given procedures. Nonetheless, if you have any questions about the topic, you can reach out to us. We’re always ready to hear from you.

FAQS About How to use Dex on the Samsung Galaxy phone?

The Samsung Desktop Interface is a great tool for those who want to use their smartphones as computer desktops. It’s a wonderful innovation for avoiding the limitation of the screen size of a phone. However, this section is curated to answer some of the questions regarding Dex that are asked often.

How do I control my Samsung DeX?

You can control Samsung Dex easily with the phone’s touchpad. After connecting the phone to an external display with the Dex feature, you will see a touchpad icon at the bottom left of the mobile’s screen. You just need to use your finger to control everything with the touchpad.

Does Samsung DeX use more power?

The Samsung Dex is a high-end feature that requires higher processing power. According to some feedback from some previous users, if you can’t keep your phone charged, it may drain your battery quickly. Your phone may also slow down due to the excessive use of the Dex.

Is the Samsung DeX like a computer?

The Samsung Dex is a software feature that offers a computer-like experience on the phone. You can use this feature to turn your phone into a computer by connecting it to an external monitor. You can make connections both using a connectivity device and wirelessly.

Can I copy files from Samsung DeX to my PC?

Yes, you can copy files from your Samsung Dex to your PC. In this case, you need to navigate to the file you want to transfer from your Dex screen. Then you have to select the files from your phone and drag and drop them onto your desktop screen.

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