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How To Use SpotMe On Chime?

Chime is an online bank that allows users to send, receive, and save money. It operates all the banking functions through the Chime mobile application. Apart from providing holistic banking facilities, Chime comes with the SpotMe feature to deposit the requisite money into an account when it runs out of money to cover a transaction. That means if your bank account is overdrawn, you can get instant money from Chime SpotMe.The amount of money you receive will be deducted from your account at the next payment. In this case, you don’t need to pay any extra fees. How to use SpotMe on Chime? Of course, you should know it to leverage the full potential of Chime and SpotMe. However, we’re going to break down the topic in this article. Stay tuned to have a clear idea!

How To Use SpotMe On Chime?

If you’re an eligible Chime member, you can use the SpotMe feature for free. But your debit card must be activated with a regular $200 monthly deposit to benefit from SpotMe. Once you receive money from SpotMe, you will see a negative balance in your Chime account until you repay it. Here are the steps to use SpotMe on Chime:


Download and install the Chime app on your phone. Then check the app’s settings page to see if the SpotMe feature is available. If the app is up-to-date, you will definitely find the feature. If not, you have to switch to the updated version of the app.


Once you find SpotMe working on your app, you have to sign up for it with the requisite credentials. Carefully agree with the terms and conditions of SpotMe to have seamless activation and operation.


Now buy something that costs more than the available money on your Chime debit card, so that your account is overdrawn. Keep the overdrawn balance within the limit of the Chime SpotMe feature so that it can cover your transaction successfully.


Once the deal is completed, you will find that SpotMe paid the excessive amount for your purchase. You will see the negative balance in your Chime account. The figure will be exactly what SpotMe funded in your account.


Your borrowed amount will be paid right away to your next deposit without any extra fees. Once the same amount of money is paid to SpotMe, you won’t see the negative balance in your account.

How does Chime’s SpotMe work?

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Chime’s SpotMe is initiated to cover an account from $20 to $200 when it’s overdrawn. To illustrate, if you have $100 in your Chime account but you need to purchase something that costs $150, you can do so using Chime’s SpotMe feature. As long as you’re eligible, you can borrow instant money from SpotMe to complete your transaction.

Your new balance will be negative until you pay the money. Chime will automatically deduct the balance from your account when you load your card or make a payment. But you don’t need to charge an overdraft fee like other banks do at all. This feature is only applicable for debit card purchases and cash withdrawals.

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Where does Chime’s SpotMe work?

Chime’s SpotMe is widely used to make purchases and transactions that require a debit card. You can use the feature only if your account doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of money to buy something. Below are the purposes for which you can use Chime SpotMe:

  • You can use SpotMe with your Chime debit card to purchase something from a restaurant, super shop, or grocery shop.
  • You can use SpotMe to pay the bills for Uber trips, gas, water, electricity, and other utility bills with a Chime debit card.
  • This feature can be used for ATM cash withdrawals and making unlimited purchases online.
  • It can be used for the cash-back option at online e-commerce stores and food stores.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chime’s SpotMe?

Chime’s SpotMe was initiated to provide users with unprecedented banking convenience. It lends a substantial amount of money free of charge to a Chime account to make an instant payment. The loan can be repaid later with no net loss. That means, as a Chime user, it saves you money as you can get help without paying overdraft penalties.

Besides, you don’t even need to meet intricate criteria to be capable of taking out a loan. You just need to demonstrate that you have an active Chime account with a debit card and that you’re making transactions every month. Despite all the convenience, it has some demerits too. You can only use the SpotMe feature for debit card purchases.

You can’t use your credit card to overcome overdraft costs at all. Besides, Chime may ask you to tip them in appreciation for their support of overdraft protection at times, which may cost you a lot. As it covers only specific transactions, you can’t completely rely on it to make instant payments anywhere, anytime.

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Final words

Chime’s SpotMe feature makes financial transactions easier. By providing adequate money for making instant payments, it wins over the hearts of millions of users. Although Chime is not a physical bank, it tries its best to ensure optimal customer satisfaction by providing quality service. Nonetheless, some of the difficulties always arise.

However, as of now, you know how to use SpotMe on Chime. You can start leveraging SpotMe today if you think it’s right for you. There is no wonder that the feature can fulfill most of your requirements regarding financial transactions. If you have more queries about Chime and SpotMe, feel free to ask us.

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