How to Wear Sony LinkBuds: The Ultimate Tips And Tricks

Sony LinkBuds are highly recognized and popular among users due to their comfortable fit, better build, and excellent sound quality. They are wireless and come with innovative autoplay functions. Despite all the benefits, you may struggle with one issue: they may fall out of your ears often. How to wear Sonly LinkBuds tightly and securely?

Of course, there are some tricks on how to make a perfect fit between earbuds and your ears. In general, choosing the right size of earbud tips can be the best solution. However, you need to adhere to many more steps to enjoy an immersive listening session with them. In this article, we will talk elaborately about it. Stay tuned!

How To Wear Sony LinkBuds Firmly And Securely?

How To Wear Sony LinkBuds Firmly And Securely?

Wearing Sony LinkBuds is similar to wearing AirPods or other typical headphones. You just need to adjust the shape of them to your ear canals to prevent them from slipping out. As they come with built-in ear-fitting supporters, you will have the extra convenience of getting them properly placed and attached to your ear canals. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Push The Ear-Fitting Supporter Into The Ear Groove

The Sony LinkBuds are prone to coming out of your ears if they are not designed to fit your ears. They can’t be the right fit for you; it’s normal. Hence, they come with an ear-fitting supporter so that you can wear them firmly.

By ensuring a comfortable and better fit, the supporters prevent the LinkBuds unit from falling out. But in this case, you need to properly place them into the ear grooves. To align the supporters in line with the ear groove, you have to gently push them. Then check that they are coherently attached to your ears.

Check The Fitting Again

At the time of pushing them into the ears, the LinkBuds might be placed securely. But over time, they may go aside from your ear groove. And it happens to all unless the fitting is not stable. The LinkBuds unit can get rotated because of pushing too tight, which eventually causes them to fit loosely.

So there is no need to forcefully adjust the fit. Instead, you have to look for the appropriate size for your ear. As ear-fitting supporters come in different sizes, you can select one that fits better and feels more comfortable in your ears.

Be Careful About The Position

Proper positioning is crucial for wearing Wear Sony LinkBuds securely and tightly. So when you wear them, you need to be careful about the exact position. Apart from making sure the ear fitting supporter is in the ear groove, you also need to keep the driver unit in the Concha and the housing unit inside the ear groove as well.

It’s mandatory to insert the driver into the lower part of the Concha and align the housing inside the ear groove line. If you make a mistake in positioning, you can remove and reinsert them; otherwise, they won’t fit snugly in your ears evermore.

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Why Should You Choose The Sony LinkBuds?

Why Should You Choose The Sony LinkBuds?

If you want earbuds with magnificent noise isolation and extraordinary comfort, the Sony LinkBuds should be your first priority. Their sleek, compact, and portable design will give you a seamless user experience anywhere, anytime. However, let’s look at the facts about why you should choose them over other types of earbuds.

Open Ring Design

The open ring design makes Sony LinkBuds distinctive, prominent, and adorable. You can hear music, attend phone calls, and watch videos seamlessly, feeling nothing on your ear, thanks to the inclusion of different units, including the driver unit, housing unit, and an ear-fitting supporter.

You can enjoy ambient sound around you more transparently; all credit goes to its spatial sound support. The design is so eye-catching that you will definitely be pleased to look at it. Even the unique design will help you get rid of the pain of frequent falls.

Autoplay Function

The Sony LinkBuds have been unbeatable in the competition due to their autoplay function. As soon as you put them on or finish a phone call, they can automatically play music. Their sophisticated feature can trigger music that matches your mood, behavior, and preferences.

Most importantly, they will play the post-meeting focus track and mood-changing walk automatically to give you instant relaxation. In addition, they come with a handy Speak-to-Chat function to pause your music once you start speaking.

Excellent Audio Quality

When it comes to the quality of sound, the Wear Sony LinkBuds always deserve the top compliments. These earbuds are manufactured to provide you with high-quality sound with great ANC. With superior bass accuracy, they seem to be the must-have recreational gadgets among veteran users.

The solid noise cancellation is another praiseworthy feature of these premium-grade earbuds. During Bluetooth playback, you can select two sound quality modes. In a word, they sound pretty natural and give you an exceptional listening experience.

Open-Fit And Comfortable

You can’t expect something phenomenal from your earbuds unless they perfectly fit your ears. To ensure the right fit, the Sony LinkBuds are packed with ear-fitting supporters. That means you can place them firmly and securely into your ear canals.

As a result, you will get rid of the annoyance of falling out, which ultimately gives you incredible comfort all along. They also allow you to use silicone ear tips to customize their fit. The good connectivity and optimized echo of sound will make it a great pleasure for you while listening to music or watching videos.

Water And Sweat Resistance

Water resistance is another salient feature of these earbuds. They won’t get damaged even if you accidentally throw them into the water. They can also withstand splashes, which means you can use them on a rainy day.

They won’t stop working even if they come into contact with sweat. The exposure to sweat and moisture will be beaten all along. That means you’re free to use them in both humid and sunny weather. They also have a longer battery life compared to rivals.

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Final Words

Sony LinkBuds can be an excellent addition to one’s recreational periphery. They are innovative, sophisticated, and well-designed. If you can wear them properly, you will enjoy fabulous sound quality and exceptional comfort. But how to wear Sony LinkBuds? It’s similar to other types of earbuds.

All you need to do is properly place them into your ear canals with the help of attached ear-fitting supporters. They can also be adjusted to the ears, utilizing the silicone ear tips. However, we gave the exact procedure of wearing them firmly above. Now it’s your turn to apply them.

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