Why Can People Hear My AirPods?

You often listen to music with your AirPods at a decent sound level. But sometimes you notice that other people near you can listen to the music as well. And it seems like an annoying inconvenience for you. Hence, you’re trying to figure out “why can people hear my AirPods”, right? There might be several underlying reasons behind your AirPods leaking sound.

You first need to pinpoint the core reasons and fix them. However, throughout the article, we’re going to talk about why other people can hear what you’re listening to with your AirPods. We will also discuss how to fix your AirPods to isolate the sound. Stay tuned till the end to take the best care of your AirPods.

Why Can People Hear My AirPods?

Can People Hear My AirPods

AirPods are designed to contain sound within your ears. But at times, you may discover the AirPods are lacking sound, which makes the surrounding people listen to the music or phone calls. Surely it makes an embarrassing situation for you as it breaks your privacy. Besides, the nearby people may feel bothered by the spreading sound of your AirPods.

It is apparent that a pair of AirPods can leak sound when the volume of music is too high. The nature of the audio you’re listening to seems to be one of the major reasons as well. But the most rational cause is the lack of ear tips. To illustrate, the sound can easily escape your ear if you don’t have the right fit ear tips. Once the earbuds are not attached securely and tightly, there is more sound leakage.

Another core reason is that AirPods are designed with a small chamber to let in a little bit of environmental sound. That means you can hear outside sounds without getting out of the immersion of your music with AirPods. The vent can also make the sound leak.

How To Fix AirPods Leaking Sound?

Occurring sound leakage in AirPods is common. It mainly happens when the seal around the ear canal becomes loose enough. Many more significant reasons are identified behind the leaking sound of AirPods. As a user, you need to fix them to improve the isolation of sound. Here are the ways to make the audio unnoticeable to the people around you.

Avoid Raising The Volume

The most effective way to prevent the sound from escaping the AirPods is to play music at low volume. As every audio track has different audio profiles, it’s hard to judge the exact volume level. In general, if you play music at 70–80 percent of the maximum volume, the chance of leaking sounds into the environment will always be high.

That means people around you can easily listen to the sound if you increase the volume at the upper level. Needless to say, you must also refrain from raising the volume of AirPods in noisy environments such as inside an airplane, a train, or a public crowd. It will not only harm your ears but also cause sound to leak.

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Use Right-Fit Silicone Ear Tips

The silicone ear tips are the perfect option to add maximum sound isolation along with additional grips. Nobody around you can hear what you’re listening to if you can properly place ear tips across your ears. They will not only prevent the sound from leaking but also improve the quality.

Most importantly, the ear tips will make your AirPods tight-fitting, which means the sound will not bleed into your surroundings. By filling the gap between your ear and AirPods, they will give you relief from unintended sound leakage.

Use a Foam Earbud

Using a foam earbud can be the best option to prevent sound from coming out of your AirPods. It can completely isolate the sound in the ear, making a coherent bond with your ear canals. Apart from offering superior sound isolation, it will ensure a secure and comfortable fit all along.

By reducing the outside noise, a foam earbud will provide you with a more comfortable listening experience. However, in many situations, you need to hear some sound at least. Hence, be aware that it lets you listen to a little sound, especially when you’re walking outside.

Reset Your AirPods

Who knows, there might be a technical issue with your AirPods. So it’s always a good option to reset them. If everything works well, you may experience the stoppage of sound leakage soon. To reset the AirPods, you can go to Settings, then Bluetooth. Click on the More Info button next to your AirPods if they appear to be connected.

Put the AirPods in the charging case and keep the lid open. On the back of the case, press and hold the setup button for a few seconds. Now reconnect the AirPods by placing them close to your iPhone. Once you successfully reset them, the sound leakage will be resolved.

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Final Words

Why can people hear my AirPods? Although AirPods are designed to contain sound within your ears, they may leak sound often. That’s because they are not fully isolated. Besides, they might not fit well in your ear, which causes the sound to leak. However, if you want no one else to hear your AirPods, you need to keep the volume in a moderate range.

Meanwhile, you can use ear hooks to place the AirPods tightly in your ear. To fix any technical issues, you can reset or repair them. But keep in mind that keeping the AirPods fully isolated is not a good practice. You need to hear sounds from outside and let go of sounds from inside for your own safety.

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