Why Does My Right Airpod Die Faster?

Apple’s AirPods have been in high demand because of their seamless functionality and better user experience. The inclusion of high-end materials makes them hard to beat for their competitors. Despite all the facilities, you may notice Right Airpod Die Faster than the other, although both come with exactly the same quality of battery.

Why does my right AirPod die faster? You may have the question in your mind, right? Well, there are a number of reasons why the batteries drain at different rates. You need to identify the core culprits first. Then you have to come up with workarounds to make the AirPods function properly, like before. Don’t know where to start?

There is no way to panic. Here, we’re going to explain why it’s happening and how you can fix it. Stay in touch!

Why Does My Right AirPod Die Faster?

Why Does My Right AirPod Die Faster?

AirPods are long-lasting, reliable, and comfortable. They hardly require maintenance or repair. But they’re not completely free from issues. They can keep dying at different rates, no matter how well-maintained they are. In this case, you need to pinpoint the core culprits and make simple fixes.

Once you fix those issues, you can ensure a longer life span for the batteries in the AirPods. However, let’s explore why your right AirPod dies faster and how to avoid it to save you the trouble of buying a replacement.

Doesn’t Get Enough Charge In The Charging Case

If you discover that the right AirPod dies soon, you may think that it lacks the required charge. The disparity in charging can lead to an uneven power conservation in the battery, which ultimately makes an AirPod prone to perish.

It might happen if the charging cable is not firmly plugged into the case. The accumulation of dirt, earwax, and other materials in the charging port and case can be another salient reason for the right AirPod not getting properly charged.

What is the solution? Primarily, you can reposition the case and try a new cable that is compatible with the case. If the issue still persists, then you have to utilize a cleaning instrument and make it completely clean.

Uses a Built-In Microphone

You may always use the built-in microphone with your right AirPods, which causes it to die quickly. Once you continuously use the microphone with one earbud, it has a great impact on the battery life. The extended period of impact hinders the performance of the battery and eventually forces it to drain faster.

In order to get rid of such a serious issue, you need to be careful that your right AirPod doesn’t automatically serve as an active microphone. Rather, you need to ensure the microphone is active equally in both AirPods, the same as the speaker. That means you should refrain from using that AirPod to power up the mic.

Always Set To Use Siri

This might be an unnoticed cause for getting your right AirPod to die, as it’s forced to use power faster than another one. If you have Siri set to start when the right earbud is tapped, the chance of getting it drained will be higher. Until you disable Siri, you can’t expect to get the earbud back to its normal operation.

To do so, you have to open the Settings app and choose the Bluetooth option on your iPhone. Tap the “i” icon on the right after finding the AirPods. Go to the Press and Hold Options and select the AirPod that dies quickly. Finally, choose noise control instead of Siri.

You Use It More Often

Another significant reason that can cause your right AirPod to die fast is if you use it more frequently than the other one. Doesn’t it make sense? It’s may normal for you to listen to music while wearing the right one and keeping the other off your ear. Besides, you may often leave the right one in the ear when you talk to someone or shift your focus to anything else.

This makes the right one active for a prolonged period and use more power, which drains its battery. In this case, you have to be conscious in order that you’re pulling both AirPods out of the ear equally. Besides, you can try to swap the audio between the left and right AirPods if you like to listen to only one. In a word, you should try to keep the usage of both earbuds in equilibrium.

The AirPod Is Damaged

Apart from the newly emerging issues, there might be some manufacturing defects in the AirPod that make it die faster. The malfunction of the invisible inner parts can cause the AirPod to run out of power quickly. The damage to the connections can reduce the overall battery performance to a great extent.

Even so, there might be significant issues if you frequently drop the right AirPod on a hard surface. Hence, you should check for those mechanistic issues with great care. If there is anything wrong with the hardware, you need to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

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An Out-Of-Date Firmware Version

Admit it or not, your AirPod may die if its battery is affected by the firmware. The obsolete version of firmware can diminish the battery capability and make it stagnant for an extended period. So you have to perform a manual update after checking it. To trigger the update, you need to open the Settings app on your iPhone initially.

Then tap on the Bluetooth, find your AirPods on the device list, and click the “i” icon on the right. Now check the version and force an update, inserting your AirPods into the case if the version is outdated. Via a lightning cable, you need to connect the case to a power source and place your iPhone beside the AirPods. Within a short time, the update will start.

It Might Need To Be Reset

The misadjustment of settings can be another potential reason for a dead AirPod. To get a quick solution, you need to efficiently unpair and repair your AirPod on your iOS device by resetting it. How? It’s very simple. Open the Settings app and tap Bluetooth on your iPhone. Find the AirPods on the device list and tap on the “i” as usual.

Look for the Forget This Device option and tap on it. Now it’s time to set up and repair the AirPods with your phone. Close your phone, hold your AirPods case, and open it. Then you will see the AirPod case on screen. Just tap on the “Connect” button to get it properly reset.

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Final Words

If you’re a regular user of AirPods, you may be amazed at the poor battery performance of a particular earbud. Although each earbud is designed to offer you long-lasting service, you may sometimes find one drains quickly. Why does my right AirPod die faster? You may have the question if you’re struggling with your malfunctioning right AirPod.

However, all the underlying and potential reasons behind the issue are covered above. The ways to overcome those culprits are also explained in detail. If you can follow the provided workarounds, we hope your AirPod won’t bother you any longer.

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